Hot Sculpting

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Hot Sculpting

*Stubborn fat that stays in places like the thighs, abdomen and buttocks no matter how well a person maintains their diet and exercise, is a common, frustrating problem. Many of us wish for a non-surgical, effective way to target those bulging contours and slim down. In the Greater Toronto Area, leading edge cosmetic solutions are available at Philosophy of Beauty including the revolutionary, Hot Sculpting service.*

What is Hot Sculpting in Toronto?

*Hot Sculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment that really works to target stubborn fat and sagging skin. Hot Sculpting can target areas like the upper arms, back, hips, abdomen, or thighs. The treatment is also popular with fitness competitors because it can be used to sculpt and lend definition to muscles by reducing the overlying fat layer.*

*Often, due to genetics or hormonal influences, stubborn pockets of fat seem to be impossible to get rid of. Also, when normal aging, weight loss or gravity take their toll on the body, sagging skin can become a problem for many people, making them appear more out of shape than they really are. To get rid of unwanted fat, people sometimes consider surgical liposuction. Hot Sculpting can be an excellent alternative to liposuction surgery because it can remove fat deposits and tighten the surrounding skin through a gentle, non-invasive process, with none of the health risks associated with surgical procedures. It is performed in a comfortable setting without anaesthetic or needles and does not require recovery time as more invasive procedures do.*

Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient. View full disclaimer.

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Hot Sculpting

*Hot Sculpting is actually two treatments in one that use thermal energy to destroy unwanted fat and thermal energy to tighten the skin. The laser delivers heat, hence the name, but the process is painless and many find it more comfortable than alternatives such as CoolSculpting.*

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does it work?
*The treatment begins by placing the laser applicator over the treatment area to spot treat specific contours or to cover larger areas for an all- over improvement. The device heats up the various layers of skin which contracts the collagen fibers and at the same time, increases the regeneration of new collagen and elastin fibers. This triggers a natural tightening and reduction in lax skin or cellulite dimples. Periods of warmth are to be expected during the treatment - the sensation has often been compared to a dry sauna or a hot stone massage. However, body temperature is monitored throughout to ensure a safe treatment for the patient. Hot Sculpting treatments also apply irreversible electroporation, which destroys fat cells – this process is also known as laser lipolysis. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body removes the cell waste material through natural elimination channels.*
2What are the benefits of Hot Sculpting?
*We rave about the benefits of Hot Sculpting here at Philosophy of Beauty. Some of these include:*
  • Visibly reduce unwanted and stubborn body fat
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce the appearance of sagging skin
  • No surgery, incisions, anaesthesia or scars are required
  • You can see tighter, more toned skin with improved elasticity
3Which areas of the body can be treated with Hot Sculpting in Toronto?
*Although the treatment is ideal and most common for targeting love handles, arm jiggles, thighs and stomachs, it can be performed anywhere you see fat or loose skin, including the face and jaw line. The tightening mode can also be used on its own to tighten loose skin due to weight loss.*
4How long does the treatment take?
*Each treatment usually takes roughly 20 minutes for an area of around 6-8 inches meaning it is quick and easy to schedule as a lunch time rejuvenation session.*

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Who is considered a good candidate for Hot Sculpting?

*Hot sculpting is an ideal treatment for those looking to spot treat stubborn fat, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.*

*However, Hot Sculpting treatment is not advised for pregnant women, people with metal or electronic implants, or those with a health condition that diminishes their ability to heal, such as cancer or a serious infection.*

Frequently Asked Questions

1How many treatments are required?
*The number of treatments recommended will vary depending on the amount of body fat to be removed as well as the size of the area being treated. On average, most patients see the best results with 6 to 8 sessions of Hot Sculpting. Generally, a series of 4 or more sessions spaced every 14-21 days is recommended in order to jumpstart the transformation.*
2How long does it take to see results?
*Although results vary, most people notice an immediate tightening followed by a gradual change in contour as the fat continues to break down. Depending on the desired results, multiple treatments may be preferred.*
3What are the side effects of Hot Sculpting treatment?
*The best part about Hot Sculpting is that because it is a gentle, non- invasive treatment, it requires no downtime or post-treatment care. You can enjoy a relaxing Hot Sculpting session then get right back to your day.*
*Sometimes mild, temporary swelling or redness is seen in the treated area immediately after the procedure. Your practitioner will explain any considerations you need to know about.*
4Post-treatment recommendations:
*During Hot Sculpting treatments, the fat cells that have been destroyed will release triglycerides which are then broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, and transported to the liver to be used as energy. It is recommended to follow a healthy nutrition plan after the treatment to utilize the released free fatty acids as a source of energy and nutrients for the body. Adopting this healthy lifestyle can ensure optimization of your treatment and therefore improve the results. It is important to take special care to avoid foods that are high in sugar content as well as alcohol, especially for the first week following treatment.*
*It is also recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water a day since water consumption assists and facilitates the fat clearance metabolic pathways. If enough water is consumed, it serves to reduce hunger, increase metabolism and stimulate healthy circulation to maintain permanent results.*
*If you feel like your diet and exercise aren’t working anymore to rid you of stubborn fat that just won’t go away, we invite you to a complimentary consultation at Philosophy of Beauty, Medical aesthetics clinic in Vaughan, proudly servicing clients from Thornhill and the Toronto area to help them look and feel their best!*

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