How to tell if a vaginal rejuvenation procedure is right for you?

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Throughout the lifetime of a woman, many physical changes will occur in the body, beginning at puberty and throughout menopause. Many women experience fluctuations in weight, hormonal levels and pregnancy – all of which can impact the woman’s body. As time goes by, they can become frustrated to find that they no longer have the same sexual sensitivity as they used to and may even leak urine when they laugh, sneeze, cough or workout. Fortunately, our vaginal rejuvenation procedure can be a solution to these sensitive issues. The professionals at Philosophy of Beauty in Vaughan Ontario specialize in women’s gynecologic health and are here to help.

Vaginal rejuvenation encompasses many steps which serve the purpose of tightening and rejuvenating the vagina to reverse effects of childbirth, decreased collagen production, and hormonal changes. The professionals at Philosophy of Beauty offer clients a wide variety of effective, non-surgical options, as well as Labiaplasty procedures. Our clinic offers the Fotona gynecological suite of lasers which are designed to effectively treat the delicate vaginal mucosal tissue. These procedures include IntimaLase and IncontiLase which generate dramatic results after even the first session.
Patients report improved vaginal tightness almost instantly and episodes of urine leakage are greatly reduced. Labiaplasty, PRP, vaginal fillers and vaginal bleaching are also methods of vaginal rejuvenation. All of these are medical aesthetic procedures that work to tighten and rejuvenate the interior and exterior tissues of the vagina. Our patients will often select more than one complimentary procedure to complete their transformation.
Do you sometimes experience urine leakage? Has sex changed for you because of dryness, pain or vaginal laxity? Is there something about the appearance of your vulva that you dislike? If you have wondered what vaginal rejuvenation involves, a private consultation at Philosophy of Beauty is a great place to start.
Despite the many benefits of a vaginal rejuvenation, these procedures aren’t always recommended for everyone. Each person, their goals and expectations, are different.
The ideal candidate for a vaginal rejuvenation with laser therapy should have the following criteria:
  1. Your vagina has been stretched or otherwise altered as a result of childbirth and/or the natural process of aging and hormonal changes
  2. You experience dryness or pain during sexual intercourse or other physical activities, such as riding a bike
  3. You have a reduced sense of feeling during vaginal intercourse, generally as a result of vaginal childbirths
  4. You experience episodes of bladder leakage under physical stress
  5. You dislike the shape or size of your labia, or note hyperpigmentation of surrounding tissue
If you are interested in exploring the option of vaginal rejuvenation with any of the methods offered at Philosophy of Beauty, we invite you to schedule a private, one-on-one consultation with one of our professionals . During this consultation we will discuss your individual concerns and develop a treatment plan to meet your needs.

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