Using IntimaLase for vaginal relaxation syndrome

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal relaxation syndrome can be defined as laxity of the vaginal canal and a loss of good tone. It is a frustrating condition for any woman who experiences it, though it is a common change after childbirth and throughout the hormonal changes of menopause. Unfortunately, stretched and relaxed vaginal tissue can cause vaginal dryness and a lack of sexual satisfaction.

In the past, this medical condition has been addressed with invasive and surgical interventions and these procedures carry inherent risks for post-operative complications and patient dissatisfaction. Fortunately, with advancements in non-invasive medical treatment, progressive clinics such as Philosophy of Beauty now offer a non-surgical and effective laser therapy which helps to tighten, tone and rejuvenate vaginal tissue without the need for scalpels or stitches and little to no downtime!


Fotona’s revolutionary new line of gynecological lasers includes IntimaLase. Specifically designed for the delicate mucosal tissue and musculature structures of the vaginal canal, this painless, non-ablative laser uses photo thermal energy to stimulate production of collagen and elastin within the tissue. This allows for restructuring, thickening and tightening of the vaginal canal which can be felt almost instantly and goes on to build improvements over the weeks and months following treatment. Women deserve a patient-friendly option that is safer, faster, highly effective and comfortable compared to other treatment options. Laser therapy vaginal rejuvenation can be completed in the clinic on a lunch break and many patients return to their daily routine immediately.
Prior to selecting the IntimaLase treatment strategy, patients undergo a pre-screening at our clinic to ensure that this procedure is suitable for their needs. Our medical staff looks for the following qualities when assessing patients for IntimaLase:
  1. Normal pap smear within the last year
  2. No bladder or urinary infection
  3. Not pregnant
  4. No chronic cough
  5. Not a smoker
  6. No menstrual bleeding
  7. Does not participate in heavy weight lifting

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Once IntimaLase is deemed to be the most appropriate treatment for a patient, they can expect the following for the duration of their treatment plan:
  1. 40- minute treatment sessions
  2. Walk-in and walk-out, simple procedures
  3. No anesthetics or sedation required
  4. Very mild pain, burning or itching sensation during the laser therapy at the entrance of the vagina that is generally well-tolerated and does not persist
  5. No lasting post-treatment pain
  6. Two sessions are usually recommended for patients to see lasting effects, and these are separated by four weeks
After a treatment session with IntimaLase, patients should be aware of the following post-treatment instructions:
  1. No additional after-care medication or special accessories are required
  2. May note mild swelling in the treated area
  3. You will be advised to temporarily prevent trauma to the treated area, including sexual intercourse and the use of tampons for two-four weeks after the treatment session
  4. Avoid heavy lifting or prolonged physical activities that increase the pressure inside the vaginal area for one month
Overall, the procedure itself is simple and the recovery period is not difficult or time-consuming. The majority of women who have chosen to use the IntimaLase treatment have reported high-levels of satisfaction, with most noticing a positive change in their vaginal tightness afterwards.
To book your appointment for a IntimaLase consultation, come into Philosophy of Beauty for more information.

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