What are the most common myths about vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation” – this is likely not a topic of discussion that you have on a regular basis with your girl friends, so there is some secrecy floating about regarding this term and what it means. It is very important to know that modern vaginal rejuvenations are very different from what they used to be. Historically, a vaginal rejuvenation was mainly a surgical procedure completed in an operating room with general anesthesia, needles and stitches. Nowadays, technological advancements in healthcare have developed two popular, non-surgical and non-invasive methods of vaginal rejuvenation using specialized lasers. Impressive advancements in this field have made effective and safe vaginal rejuvenation accessible for more women than ever before.

Here, we will bust some of the common myths about laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

every vaginal rejuvenation is the same

The key thing to remember when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, and cosmetic procedures in general, is that every woman is an individual with unique experiences, needs and goals. Therefore, although the concept and technology of intimate laser therapy is similar between patients, these tools will be used to achieve different goals and your practitioner at Philosophy of Beauty will work together with you to develop an individualized treatment plan.

vaginal rejuvenation is for the sexual pleasure of her partner

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about vaginal rejuvenation, but the cosmetic procedure is truly about the patient’s own sexual pleasure, comfort and health. The majority of patients aged 50 and up are great candidates for a leading laser therapy called “IntimaLase” by Fotona. This method of vaginal rejuvenation addresses pain, dryness and elasticity concerns associated with hormonal changes, menopause and aging by enhancing the tone of vaginal muscles and mucosal tissue. Ultimately, it increases the lubrication, blood flow, tissue thickness and sexual satisfaction for the patient.

It is also good to know that sexual satisfaction is not the only reason women choose to undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Many experience stress urinary incontinence, (SUI) which can be very embarrassing and inconvenient. These patients are often offered the “IncontiLase” laser therapy by Fotona which was designed to tighten and tone vaginal tissues and surrounding structures- in turn, providing improved support for the bladder.

vaginal rejuvenation will hurt a lot

The beauty of non-ablative, non-surgical laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation is that it is virtually painless, with no need of any anesthesia. It is a simple and quick process wherein a small, special handpiece is inserted into the vaginal canal followed by the emission of thermal energy laser pulses that stimulate the tissue. As the patient, you may feel some heat once the laser reaches the opening of the vagina; however most report that the sensation is negligible.

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recovery is not a killer process

With such a simple procedure, it is natural for the recovery process to be easy as well. Most women are able to receive a vaginal rejuvenation session during their lunch break because of how quick and simple the process is.

To ensure optimal results, patients are typically urged to stay abstinent for two weeks, avoid the use of tampons and abstain of intense physical activity.

vaginal rejuvenation is not necessary

Even though common vaginal issues aren’t considered to be serious medical issues, laser therapy is a process that can greatly improve the quality of life for patients. After receiving vaginal rejuvenation with the IncontiLase laser technique, patients have reported decreased incidences of urine leakage, with some even saying that it has completely been eradicated. They can return to their daily life and do strenuous tasks without experiencing an accident.

vaginal rejuvenation is permanent

The goal of vaginal rejuvenation using laser therapy at Philosophy of Beauty is permanent reduction in unpleasant vaginal and SUI symptoms, however certain factors affect longevity of results. Subsequent pregnancies and childbirth following a vaginal rejuvenation will lead to structural changes that negatively impact the results achieved by the cosmetic procedure. Major weight fluctuations may also affect the result of the vaginal rejuvenation. Our expert clinical team at Philosophy of Beauty tries their best to set out specific guidelines to support our vaginal rejuvenation candidates.

If you have questions, please contact Philosophy of Beauty for more information about how vaginal rejuvenation therapy can help bring your confidence back.

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