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Cellulite (Emtone)

Cellulite is so common an issue that 90% of women say they see cellulite on the thighs, legs, and buttocks. It’s not just a symptom of body fat or skin laxity, but a combination of genetics, fat distribution , and skin integrity that create the dreaded, “orange peel” texture of cellulite. And, despite misconceptions, even slim, fit people struggle with this cosmetic issue.

EmTone™ is the first device to simultaneously deliver both thermal and mechanical cellulite-fighting energy which treats all the major causes. It penetrates deeply, without discomfort, for real, measurable results.

Now you can start smoothing and firming the look of your legs and buttocks with EmTone ™ at Philosophy of Beauty.

This multifactorial problem finally has a non – invasive solution. The technology used by EmTone™ sets it apart from competitors. That’s because both mechanical and thermal energy address the appearance of cellulite during this comfortable, relaxing treatment. No scalpels, incisions, or downtime required.

EmTone™ treats loss of skin elasticity, reduced blood flow, fat deposits under the skin, metabolic waste, and the leading cause of cellulite dimpling, collagen fibres.

Its combination of radiofrequency and targeted pressure harmonizes for dramatic effects in a way that no other technology can.

EmTone™ is a comfortable treatment that addresses major contributing factors for cellulite.

Within 4 minutes, EmTone™ will heat subcutaneous fat temperature to the appropriate level for apoptosis, (fat cell destruction). Radiofrequency (RF) is so precise that it targets just the intended cells without harming surrounding tissue. During apoptosis, fat cells break apart and their contents are naturally cleared away by your body’s lymphatic waste system. Once eliminated, those fat cells do not return.

The RF waves utilized range in frequency from 20 kHz to 300 GHz. At this powerful yet painless strength, thermal energy oscillation zeros in on fat cell reduction.

Surgical methods for permanent fat cell removal require general an aesthetic and result in scars, plus a required period of downtime to heal from swelling and bruising. Liposuction may also deliver uneven results.

The EmTone™ combination of RF heating and pressure energy has dramatically amplified what is possible with non – surgical body sculpting for stubborn cellulite.

Deposits of fat contained within strands of fibrous connective tissue (in the thighs and buttocks) give a puckered, dimpled appearance to the surface of your skin. The appearance of cellulite can be attributed to cumulative sun damage, body fat, and a loss of elasticity and skin thickness. This common issue tends to run in families and some people develop cellulite as early as their teens.

EmTone™ is an excellent way to reduce the look of dimpling and “orange peel” skin caused by cellulite.

While results can vary and the number of treatments you may require to reach your goals will be specific to you, there are no contraindications for patients.

This treatment should not be applied over hair or electronic and metal implants. EmTone™ can provide a temporary reduction in the look of your cellulite.

While most of us know the frustration of lumpy thighs and bottoms, many of us have accepted that there is no way to get rid of cellulite, until now. The women at Philosophy of Beauty understand that our clients want safe, non – invasive treatments whenever possible, yet they also want to see real changes and invest in proven technology, so they love their results.

The development of cellulite can be complex, but the solution is simple.

EmTone™ e studies by BTL have shown it to be:

  • 64% more effective than a stand – alone treatment for building elastin.
  • 59% more effective than a stand – alone treatment to build collagen.
  • 50% faster than stand – alone treatments.
  • 90% patient satisfaction rates are reported.

We think EmTone ™ is ideal for anyone seeking non-invasive cellulite reduction and an improvement of their skin’s appearance. Topical cellulite creams, massage, lymphatic drainage, and weight loss are all frequently recommended to help reduce dimpled thighs and buttocks, but only EmTone™ treats the tissue deeply with RF and pressure energy for combined effects and significant results without surgery.

A typical session will last roughly 30 minutes depending on the areas we target. During your consultation, we will create an individual treatment plan for you. We recommend at least 4 treatments in most cases, scheduled every week or two.

EmTone™ treatment for cellulite delivers thermal and mechanical energy deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Patients say that it feels like a hot stone massage with mechanical vibrations. You can expect to feel warmth as the RF energy works, but not to the degree that it is painful.

Before you begin, a protective lotion will be applied to your skin allowing the handpiece to glide over the treatment area. A light tapping noise will let you know when energy is applied. You’ll be relaxed, laying down in your private treatment suite during the procedure.

Some patients have said that they saw improvements after a single EmTone™ session. Results usually continue to develop over the months following. Optimal before and after results with EmTone™ are usually appreciated after 4 sessions.

Any area of your body can benefit from the dual-action energy delivered by EmTone ™, but most clients choose to treat stubborn cellulite regions such as the buttocks, hips, and thighs. Cellulite and poor skin tone on the upper arms, abdomen, love handles, and back can also be improved with the EmTone™ device.

EmTone™ is FDA – approved and cleared by Health Canada, so it is proven as a safe and effective method for reducing the look of cellulite throughout the body. For safe delivery of radiofrequency energy, a grounding pad is always monitored by your practitioner. The treatment is comfortable, and you’ll have no recovery time to worry about, so you can relax and look forward to smoother, toned skin.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we offer EmTone™ and EmSculpt™ NEO for dynamic body reshaping.

These two sister technologies work so well together that we offer a combination protocol to amplify your results!

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