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Non-surgical BBL

What if you could have a shapely, enhanced bottom with curves in all the right places, and avoid surgery? With a Sculptra non-surgical butt lift Vaughan, no stitches or scars are necessary. This scalpel-free procedure is making it possible for regular people to finally get their dream figure. Does a shapely beach body seem out of reach? Do you envy those who look curvy and toned in yoga pants? Wish you had a rounder bum so you could wear yours with confidence too?

We often hear about the challenges of losing weight, but less about body image struggles for those not genetically blessed with a shapely gluteal region. Not everyone is ready to consider surgery, but many would like to look a little more Kardashian-esque. You’re in luck. Today, the worry of synthetic buttocks implants is unnecessary, and risks related to liposuction can be a thing of the past. The new, natural approach to butt augmentation is the Sculptra non-surgical butt lift, Vaughan. Long trusted as a dermal collagen rebuilder for the face, this injectable liquid stimulates your body’s collagen to gradually add volume and re-contour. This nonsurgical butt lift is taking Toronto by storm. Find out why our clients are ditching scalpels and downtime, and going straight for voluminous, natural curves.


Philosophy of Beauty’s founder, Dinara Shakirova RN, is dedicated to high-quality care and ensuring her team of experienced practitioners stay ahead of the curve. When exciting new approaches to cosmetic enhancement come along, Dinara seeks the best leaders in the field to learn from, then brings world-renowned medical esthetic technology to her clients. Dinara received Sculptra non-surgical butt lift Vaughan training direct from Sculptra’s plastic surgeon national trainer, so she holds her practice to the highest procedural and safety standards.

Collagen plays an essential role in skin’s resilience, plumpness and elasticity. Natural collagen production helps us to ward off wrinkles and lines, keeping you youthful and firm. Unfortunately, aging and gravity diminish your collagen levels and slow production over time. By the mid-20s, you’ll be making significantly less of this youth-elixir, and after age 30, most people start to notice the effects.All skin loses firmness over time, and that includes your bottom! Not only does muscle atrophy, but your tissue can become lax, and the buttocks somewhat flattened or shapeless.If you’re considering girdles and butt-boosting undergarments, you need a Sculptra butt lift. If you’re shopping for “butt shaping” pants to make you look round and curvy, why not permanently solve that issue, so you look great in and out of your jeans? We can help, and it’s much easier than you think thanks to non-surgical aesthetic advancements. Within two to four months, the process of fat cell destruction, elimination, and shrinkage of the fat layer at the target site can be visibly measured.

Sculptra zeroes in on cells deep in the dermis, to stimulate collagen. Although a surgical fat transfer to buttocks adds significant volume, the requirements to make you a good candidate are somewhat limited, and lipoinfiltration will not improve the tone, plumpness and resilience of your skin like Sculptra’s natural collagen-building will. The subtle restoration of a younger, perkier backside is precisely what many of our clients need and want. Whereas slim, underweight people are excluded from the Brazilian Butt Lift, Sculptra is perfect for a variety of body shapes and types. Busy people want to skip surgical risks and scars, while avoiding weeks off work, away from their active lives.

There are “workouts” designed to reshape your butt. If you weren’t blessed with ample gluteus muscle or an hourglass shape, then you’ve likely tried diet and exercise to improve your figure. However, gaining results is challenging. It’s not easy, or even possible in some cases to change the shape you naturally have. For a boxy or sagging rear, no number of squats will lift skin or restore collagen to the area. It’s healthy to exercise but for measurable improvements, a Sculptra butt lift can instantly improve how you look in workout clothes.

If you’re in good, general health and you’d like to improve the shape and size of your buttocks without surgery, Sculptra injections in Toronto could be right for you. This butt augmentation is especially popular with those considered too thin for a Brazilian Butt Lift.Your practitioner will discuss treatment details, including all risks and considerations. Patients are advised personally regarding any medications or supplements they take, which could affect bruising or healing after injection. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for scalpel-free Brazilian Butt Lift. Those with a large bottom or previous surgical enhancements may not be in a position to see satisfying results. If you’re seeking a visibly dramatic increase in volume, Sculptra butt lift may not be best for you.

The injections take roughly 60 minutes, in the comfort of our luxurious treatment suites.The target area receives topical and injected anaesthetic, which keeps you comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. You won’t need a general anaesthetic, so administration is safer, faster and easier than surgical liposuction and fat grafting.The introduction of Sculptra microparticles to tissue initiates collagen creation. Over time, collagen builds in the skin and underlying tissue for a plumper, more voluminous backside. You’ll see improvements each week.

Our Sculptra butt lift treatments work best in a series to build up gradual results. We’ll schedule these in one-month intervals, and a total of 3 – 4 usually results in ideal proportions lasting 2-3 years.The best part is, there’s no downtime. You’ll leave our clinic with a few simple instructions and expect mild sensitivity or swelling for a few days. You won’t have a dramatically larger bottom or the restrictive post-op recovery instructions that come with surgery. Because incisions aren’t used, you won’t have stitches to care for, and no scars either!

This is a wise question to ask. It isn’t safe to have non-Health Canada, and FDA approved injections. Furthermore, it isn’t considered safe to have someone other than a licenced, experienced, and well-trained medical professional perform your treatment.Sculptra is a tested, legal injectable medical product based on a synthetic polymer (poly-L-lactic acid.) Poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, is entirely biocompatible and biodegradable, which means that it’s absorbed safely into your body as the product breaks down. It doesn’t contain any human, bacterial or animal-derived ingredients.Unlike synthetic silicones or other agents which shouldn’t be injected, Sculptra PLLA microparticles are metabolized to be transformed into carbon dioxide and water over time. These molecules are then expelled through your respiratory system.Sculptra butt lifts have an impressive track record of safety with over 200,000+ patients treated and it’s available in more than 30 countries around the world. Ask your medical practitioner about individual risks and considerations.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we feel it’s essential to offer honest medical opinions and customized treatment plans- all free of charge. This way, our clients receive personalized VIP treatment and make informed decisions without any obligation. If you’re curious, if you have questions, or even if you know exactly what you want, you can feel confident your consultation will be private, informative, and comfortable. You’ll receive an exam and discuss your body enhancement goals. You can view results achieved with this technique and learn what to expect from your procedure before proceeding. If you’re eager to see your beach body improved, we’ll set you up right away. Philosophy of Beauty is located just north of Toronto in Vaughan. We have ample parking and easy accessibility. Our chic, welcoming medical aesthetic clinic invites you to see how your inner beauty can blossom with simple, surgery-free cosmetic solutions like Sculptra non-surgical butt lift Vaughan. Call today!

Our Sculptra butt lift clients can return to life and work with their completely discrete results slowly growing over time. They watch improvements develop daily and naturally build up the enhancement they want with additional sessions. As a Sculptra patient, you’re in charge of your results. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 sessions to build up the figure of your dreams. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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