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ProNox® Nitrous Oxide

Your caring practitioners at Philosophy of Beauty strive to ensure ultimate comfort, along with safe, effective aesthetic treatments. We’re now offering ProNox® analgesia for any procedures that carry some degree of discomfort or anxiety. Dramatic skin improvements are desirable, but that doesn’t prevent us from feeling nervous before treatment. Profoundly effective solutions for hair removal, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, and more, might feel temporarily painful for some. Many of our patients find topical numbing agents to be sufficient for relief and relaxation. However, nitrous oxide and oxygen can have an unparalleled calming effect, without many typical concerns related to anesthesia. Read on to learn about this extra comfortable measure available for you at Philosophy of Beauty in Vaughan.

ProNox® is a well-known relaxing agent, often called “laughing gas.” It’s unique and patient-friendly because it’s controlled by you. This 50/50 combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen is inhaled through a comfortable mask before and during treatment. It has a soothing effect on the central nervous system that’s gentle and totally customizable.

This extra layer of comfort for our guests can be used during any procedure that has an ouch factor, or when a person may feel apprehension.

Nitrous oxide and O2 are provided during dental procedures, or during labour and delivery, and it’s favoured by patients and practitioners because of its safety profile and ease of control. You can self-administer ProNox® as needed, through a soft, transparent mask held in your hand.

It’s attached to the supply tanks and available to keep you feeling great throughout the procedure. Simply taking a deep breath when you wish provides instant relaxation effects and calms nerves, without putting you to sleep.

ProNox® doesn’t replace local anesthetic in situations where that is indicated. In some cases, such as dental work or minor surgery, the physician will inject a local freezing agent along with providing ProNox.

However, at Philosophy of Beauty, most services are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and a topical analgesic or combination of topical and ProNox® will be sufficient for complete comfort. This unique offering at our facility is an extra option that many med spas in Toronto don’t have.
Nitrous oxide has some analgesic effects because it slows the responsiveness of the central nervous system. Communication between you and your practitioner will still be possible, and you can let them know how you’re feeling.

Previous modalities were only able to break up the ink into relatively large pieces, which allowed for some removal but left particles remaining with each pass. The requirement for multiple passes and less effective thermal energy targeting could lead to diffused skin damage, burns and sometimes scars.

Each of our patients has their own reasons for choosing this sedation to accompany treatment. In many cases, an aversion to needles, nervousness and worry about pain can be worse than the treatment itself. This easy solution helps diminish anxiety, so the process can feel more pleasant, and you can focus on excitement for your new look. When it comes to ablative skin resurfacing, intensive laser therapies and some types of dermal injection, the temporary stinging, or thermal energy are unpleasant. The results are rewarding, so many people consider the sensations well-worth it. Still, we’re pleased to reduce pain significantly and get you one step closer to your goals. Procedures made more comfortable with ProNox® can include: Dermal injections Laser skin resurfacing and tightening Tattoo removal Microneedling PRP facials Laser hair removal IPL

Nitrous oxide comes with a long history of success and safety used in clinical and outpatient settings. In fact, for more than a century, physicians have administered it to ease nerves and minimize pain during dermatological, surgical, dental, and other treatments. Often, the practitioner will apply the mask and control administration. But now, with Clarion’s new ProNox® system, the control is placed comfortably in the patient’s hands, which often has further psychological benefits. Even though you’ll manage your device, the internal safety mechanisms, infection control, and automatic shut off make it safe and predictable. A one-way delivery valve is as crucial as ever in these times of viral transmission prevention. All equipment is disinfected or replaced entirely between uses. Compared with oral and IV sedation, the desired effects of ProNox® are felt almost immediately but fade quickly, within 5 minutes. Once nitrous oxide wears off, you can resume your normal daily activities, including driving safely.

Your comfort and is an integral part of positive aesthetic treatment experience. Keeping at the forefront of technology and advanced services is vital to us because it benefits you! Come find out how relaxing a beautiful transformation can feel. If you want a higher level of pain management or help with anxiety before your treatment, talk to us about ProNox®. Toronto and GTA patients, call or write to us at Philosophy of Beauty and book your free cosmetic consultation today.

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