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EmSculpt® Neo has reshaped non-surgical body contouring possibilities for Toronto men and women like you. There is a growing demand for fat reduction treatments that deliver real, measurable results without surgery. EmSculpt® Neo is the next generation of body slimming, toning technology to take fat loss science to a more advanced level with simultaneous fat reduction for stubborn body areas, and targeted muscle building. This represents a trend toward healthy, strong sexy bodies.

If you could schedule quick, convenient treatments to improve two vital aspects of your appearance; how physically capable you feel, and how confident you look, all at once, would you be as excited as we are?

Now you can eliminate fat where you want to, without losing muscle mass. Skinny isn’t as popular as it used to be. Health – conscious people understand that muscle strength is critical for well – being and a fit body shows muscle tone, not bones.

How Does the Advanced EmSculpt® Neo Compare to EmSculpt Classic?

Increasingly, our patients want to lose fat and inches of their waistline, thighs, and tummy, but they want to build lean muscle strength too. EmSculpt® Neo far exceeds the previous capabilities of EmSculpt® classic with two powerful therapies in one, effective procedure. Emsculp t® Neo is a newer incarnation that exponentially improves results thanks to HIFEM, (High – Intensity Focused Eletro-Magnetic Energy) which is 20% stronger!

Emsculpt® Neo also uses radio-frequency energy to burn fat and offers flexibility for patients to apply it just where they need it most.

You’re ready to upgrade to EmSculpt® Neo:

  • If you want to build and tone muscle while you burn fat
  • If you are near your ideal weight but need help with stubborn fat areas
  • If you want to see measurable results, fast!

It i s difficult for many people to lose weight and build where they want at the same time, but EmSculpt® Neo has just made the healthy body sculpting you want much easier and faster than before.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we’re excited to offer fat reduction and muscle building results from one, comprehensive non-surgical device. Learn more about your next steps to reveal the shape you’ve been dreaming of. Call or write today for your private consultation and get started!

EmSculpt® Neo is two therapies in one procedure. Unlike the leading body sculpting or fat reduction treatments in Toronto, the latest in medical engineering advancement eliminates your need to choose between the fat loss or muscle building you want. You can have both!

The battle of the belly bulge is an ongoing struggle for many otherwise fit people. They work hard to shed excess pounds, suffer through diets, and hit the gym relentlessly. But the truth is, some stubborn areas like the belly and love handles resist reduction through conventional means. We also know that losing weight through dieting isn’t enough to create firm abs that show definition and tone. For that 6 – pack physique to be revealed once the fat is gone, you need targeted muscle development as well. In fact, increased muscle growth helps to burn fat more efficiently. That’s why EmSculpt® Neo goes to work on both your persistent body fat deposits and your muscle size.

You want to lose inches of fat, and show off your toned figure underneath, and we can help.

Building off its predecessor, EmSculpt®, designed to enlarge muscles and stimulate new muscle fibers via high intensity electromagnetic therapy, EmSculpt® Neo com bines radiofrequency (RF) technology delivered straight to your subcutaneous fat layer where it destroys fat cells for good.

Nonsurgical and non-invasive, this painless procedure accomplishes impressive, dual benefits for comprehensive body reshaping. EmSc ulpt® Neo emits both RF and high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) energies. Both of these modalities work exceptionally well on their own to generate cellular changes and visible results. The combination works synergistically and what you can expect is exponentially more satisfying than single mode fat reduction or a body building treatment.

EmSculpt® Neo body sculpting is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require surgery, injections, or anesthesia.

It delivers scientifically backed RF and HIFEM energy synchronized simultaneously for dual physiological responses.

  • Muscle Growth:

When exposed to radiofrequency heating, your muscle temperature will increase by several degrees, similar to the process of muscle warm-ups before a physical workout.

At the same time, HIFEM contracts your muscle fibers with intensity and precision targeting not possible through conventional exercise. However, just like regular voluntary muscle contraction, this action triggers muscle fibers to adapt with an increase in muscle fiber cells.

It’s no secret that working your muscles-targeted muscle stress-builds muscle strength and leads to visible, measurable muscle growth. Think of EmSculpt® Neo as maximizing this process in a manner beyond what you can achieve on your own at the gym, and without the related strain on your joints or tiring effort.

  • Fat Reduction:

Within just 4 minutes, your subcutaneous fat temperature will reach the appropriate level to cause apoptosis, (fat cell destruction). Radiofrequency can be finely tuned and delivered straight to targeted cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Apoptosis is the process by which fat cells break down and release their contents into the lymphatic waste system where they are removed from the body permanently.

Why are these energy forms such as powerful pair? RF are waves range in frequency from roughly 20 kHz to 300 GHz. At this level, they create thermal energy oscillation of molecules to safely zero in on f at cell loss.

The HIFEM field is created at a low frequency range, (<10kHz). The result is controlled, powerful muscle contraction aligned with thermal fat destruction through gentle applicators applied to the skin.

Until now, these body shaping technologies have been used in standalone modalities-separate devices requiring separate treatment booking, additional time, and financial investment from the patient.

EmSculpt® Neo has already been clinically tested with over 5,000 people, and found to be safe and effective. EmSculpt® Neo patients see tangible results they are delighted with, while avoiding risks of surgery or the downtime that cosmetic surgery can bring.

*Liposuction alone does not increase muscle size or strength, requires incisions, anesthesia, and can lead to uneven results or scarring.

The combination of a metal RF electrode and magnetic coil to generate an HIFEM incorporated through a single applicator is truly revolutionary and has dramatically amplified what non – surgical body sculpting can do for you.

When you visit Philosophy of Beauty to plan your fat reduction and muscle toning treatments, our experienced technician will meet with you privately for a one-on-one discussion about your body goals, the treatments we offer, and what you can expect from your personalized plan.

We always take the time to listen to our clients so we can develop a path toward renewed confidence that is tailored to your unique vision, your body, and your budget. We typically recommend a series of 4 sessions with EmSculpt® Neo, spaced roughly one week apart. This plan allows you to build on results with each session. The total time you’ll spend in our treatment suite depends on how many area s you choose to address, but will typically require just 30 minutes from start to finish.

As you relax and recline on a treatment bed, the applicators will be applied to your skin on the desired areas.

What you can expect to feel is not unpleasant, but similar to a hot stone massage, while gentle warming combines with intense, pulsing muscle contractions.

Some patients describe the unusual feeling of involuntary muscle contraction like a magnetic pulling at their muscles which can feel strange-as though they are working out without exerting themselves at all. Your EmSculpt® Neo treatments are customizable, so you and your technician can adjust settings to your comfort level for an enjoyable experience.

Once your treatment is complete, you can resume you r regular activities right away. Expect to notice some minor muscle fatigue or soreness the next day, just as if you’d spent a couple hours sweating at the gym.

One of the reasons that EmSculpt® Neo has achieved “game-changer” status is that it allows you to target several body goals through one, convenient device.

  • Fat loss treatment: We all struggle with stubborn body areas that seem to hold onto fat no matter what we try. EmSculpt® Neo’s RF thermal energy causes direct fat cell destruction, not just cell shrinkage as with diet and exercise. Patients often report that they see 30% fat reduction in their treated areas. They love the fact that their results are permanent and that fat doesn’t bounce back again once it’s gone.
  • Stronger muscles/increased tone: EmSculpt® Neo builds up the muscle you have and helps to generate new muscle fibers. The gains are often beyond what exercise can achieve. Because we naturally lose muscle strength and mass over time through the ageing process, muscle restoration has an anti – ageing effect which can be experienced as revitalized energy, overall strength, and of course, visible muscle definition and size increases. The body utilizes more calories to maintain muscle so the increase further promotes fat loss and can ensure that you successfully maintain the new form you’ve created.
  • Core Strengthening: Many of our clients turn to EmSculpt® Neo specifically to target belly fat, build abs, and strengthen their core. HIFEM – motivated contractions do wonders for core strength. When you increase the strength of muscles around your lower abdomen and pelvis, there are positive benefits for your posture, back strength, and hips as well. Patients sometimes report a notable decrease in back pain after EmSculpt® Neo treatment.
  • Reduced inches: While many of us focus on the numbers our scales show us, daily weigh – ins will become less of a focus for you when you see your waistline shrink and finally fit the slimmer clothes you love again. Increased muscle tends to increase body weight, yet the fat loss that accompanies these results means you will feel and look thinner, more toned, and finally reduce those pesky rolls.

EmSculpt® Neo and CoolSculpting work differently, but they can work together! Both are excellent body sculpting options, though CoolSculpting produces more dramatic results for fat loss as it targets fat alone but it does not affect muscles.

Both of these devices are non-invasive and work to destroy fat cells under the surface of your skin through precisely directed energy.

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis, while EmSculpt® Neo uses heat energy generated by radiofrequency to eliminate fat.

The treatment experiences feel different as well. CoolSculpting applicators vacuum the target tissue to pull in and deep freeze fat cells. It utilizes the same process of cell apoptosis and elimination through the lymphatic system for permanent fat loss. Patients describe the pressure of applicators as cold and often numbing for a time after treatment. There can be mild discomfort or sensitivity in treated areas lasting for roughly 24 hours after CoolSculpting. A series of 2-4 sessions is often recommended to see desired effects.

EmSculpt® Neo feels warm during application and doesn’t “suck” the tissue being treated. RF energy heats the fat layer by several degrees to achieve fat cell death, and the cell contents are then flushed from your body through the lymphatic waste system. The fat reduction achieved with EmSculpt® Neo is permanent, and most patients report no discomfort, swelling, or numbness after their sessions.

If fat reduction is your primary goal, we at Philosophy of Beauty recommend remarkable Coolsculpting treatment systems to help you achieve the results you want.

With EmSculpt® Neo, we’re now pleased to offer a more complete and comprehensive treatment targeting multiple issues effectively through one safe, painless procedure.

Before your treatment with EmSculpt® Neo, you’ll be asked to remove metal Jewely in the treatment areas. There are minimal safety concerns for this technology so most people, no matter their age or background, can be excellent candidates for treatment.

Before you begin, your practitioner will explain what you should expect, answer your questions, and present you with a consent form outlining procedure considerations.


Here’s one of the best features of EmSculpt® Neo; the aftercare required is essentially nonexistent. Because tissues should stay warm following treatment to allow for continued cellular processes to take place, you won’t be advised to apply ice packs or any topical products.

There are no activity restrictions to be concerned about, so you can return to work or anything else you like to do. Most people don’t report any redness or swelling. However, your muscles may feel slightly sore the following day, so if daily workout s are part of your routine, you may feel like skipping a session. It’s up to you!

Schedule Your Consultation at Philosophy of Beauty for EmSculpt® Neo Body Sculpting

Are you ready to go all-in on your fat loss and strength building goals? There’s no better boost for body confidence than feeling comfortable in your skin again with the slim, toned figure you want, and renewed muscle definition that can be so hard to build.

EmSculpt® Neo offers you the most transformative, total package in body reshaping, non-surgical technology. Now you can reach your goals and see exciting results, faster than ever. Schedule your consultation to learn more about EmSculpt® for fat loss and muscle growth today.

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