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Intimate Area Bleaching

This is a trend that is gaining popularity in the medical aesthetic industry. Made popular by celebrity trendsetters and offered in many Plastic Surgery Clinics or Medical Aesthetic Clinics. It is actually very common for the vaginal and anal skin to get discoloured in both men and women. Many people do not talk about it but at Philosophy of Beauty we are here to help. There are many reasons why one can need vaginal or anal bleaching treatment. The most common reasons tend to be hormonal changes that may arise after pregnancy, aging or weight gain. At Philosophy of Beauty we can help with the skin lightening process.

Darker skin pigment can occur with sun exposure, puberty, pregnancy, and aging. This is a very normal skin feature and not harmful at all, though some people do not like the appearance. Frequent friction, creasing, and rubbing of clothing on the genital skin can also lead to hyperpigmentation which may cause this region to appear a few shades darker than the rest of a person’s complexion. People who have increased risk of developing hyperpigmentation often have darker skin tones such as Mediterranean, Latino, Asian, African or Caribbean, however, no matter what a person’s natural skin colour is, hyperpigmentation in the vaginal area will stand out as excessive darkening of skin in some areas and may appear out of place or make a person self-conscious. Unfortunately, people sometimes mistakenly believe that excessive exfoliation or washing may lighten the area, but the skin can react to harsh treatment by creating more pigment.

Creams used to lighten or remove the melanin in skin have been available for many years but there are a wide variety of unsafe and even very harmful products which can be purchased from less reputable sources. As a result, we always recommend that people seek qualified professionals for safe cosmetic treatments, rather than purchasing questionable products from unknown sources which may lead to burns and other harm. Medical grade, FDA approved, safe vaginal lightening options will get you great results without harming the sensitive skin in these intimate areas.

At Philosophy of Beauty, vaginal skin and intimate area lightening is common, safe and easy. Ordinarily, the purpose is to restore a balance between the tone of skin in the vaginal area and the rest of a person’s skin, whatever the shade. We serve many clients in the Toronto, Vaughan, and Thornhill areas who are seeking discreet, expert beauty services and because our knowledgeable staff has extensive medical and cosmetic knowledge, you can always rest assured you will receive caring advice and professional treatment.

If you’ve ever been curious about this growing beauty trend, or you are concerned with the appearance of your vaginal skin, we’re happy to explain how vaginal bleaching works and what the best options are. We believe that vaginal bleaching in Toronto should always be a comfortable experience. Our practitioners will begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns. Vaginal bleaching can be scheduled 10 days after waxing or laser hair removal has been performed on the area. We can help you plan for these treatments as they often go hand in hand. We offer topical lighteners such as Hydroquinone and Retinol, as well as the Fotona Laser and laser peel options. All have minimal or no downtime associated. Retinol products are made from Vitamin A and very popular for treating hyperpigmentation on the face and other areas of the body. Hydroquinone is also a powerful spot lightener and is available through qualified medical spas in very dilute concentrations. Both are effective and safe when used as directed but you will need to consult with a medical specialist before using them to ensure that you avoid harsh side effects. We ensure that you are properly informed about the benefits and considerations for a product before taking it home to use.

Our clients appreciate that an entire vaginal lightening treatment with laser takes only 45 minutes on average and topical product applications are quick and easy. When you arrive for your vaginal lightening procedure, the area will be gently prepared with cleansing and topical as well as local anaesthetic will be used to ensure your comfort. Often the peri-anal area, labia majora, and groin will be treated as needed. The Fotona Erbium Laser is known as an effective, ablative laser that gently removes micro thin layers of pigmented surface tissue, revealing lighter skin and stimulating fresh, less pigmented cells to develop. The added beautiful effect of laser treatment is that the new skin will be tighter and smoother as collagen and elastin growth are initiated. With just a few days of redness and sensitivity, the lighter and tighter skin is well worth it. The Fotona Erbium Laser can be adjusted to vary intensity of treatment levels and Fotona Laser treatments are also used for non-ablative thermal tightening.

Many patients notice a significant change in skin colour of up to 3 shades after the first treatment, however, because time is required for pigment changes to occur in the skin, a number of repeat visits scheduled 4 weeks apart will likely help you to achieve the best results. Minor redness and swelling can occur after laser treatment and you will be advised to avoid sexual activity until you are healed. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or concerned about the appearance of your vaginal area. Waxing, shaving and laser hair removal have been common beauty maintenance practices for many years and now you can further brighten up the area to complete the look.

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