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Volume Loss

Volume Loss

With age, your facial volume will decrease. 

We know it sounds like your face will wither, just like when a grape turns into a raisin. Well, it might if you don’t take care of your face now. 

Facial volume loss occurs when the collagen and other proteins in our face start to break down. Moreover, the production of hyaluronic acid in our skin starts to decrease as we grow old. Thus, our face starts to lose its volume and slowly sag. 

Now, the future of your face volume shouldn’t look this bleak because, at Philosophy of Beauty, we provide skin care treatments that will keep your face fuller and youthful for longer. 

Our team understands the concern with facial volume loss, as it can affect your overall appearance and your confidence. Hence, we tend to talk to our clients and provide them with the right treatment to ensure their faces have a youthful volume, which boosts their confidence. 

In addition to providing beauty treatments, we also urge to our clients that they should:

  • Start using sunscreen if they don’t. UV light from the sun can affect the facial volume. So, if you aren’t using sunscreen, start using it now.
  • Quit smoking to maintain good lung health but also to maintain facial volume. Smoking can cause the face to lose its volume prematurely.
  • Approach us at Philosophy of Beauty if they lose facial volume due to weight loss. We can help our clients reduce the sagging due to weight loss and bring back the plump and tight skin of the face.

To know more about facial volume loss treatments, contact our Philosophy of Beauty team right away.

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