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Eye & Lip Rejuvenation

Two of the most popular facial rejuvenation areas we treat at Philosophy of Beauty are the lips and eyes. These expressive but delicate regions of the face can show signs of ageing with fine lines appearing, the loss of fat pads under the eyes, loss of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid, and the appearance of sagging.

Many of us focus on a person’s lips or eyes when speaking with them and a more youthful – looking mouth or bright, toned eye area can erase years from a person’s appearance.

Lip rejuvenation or Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the size or the shape of the lips. The use of Hyaluronic acid fillers is a common way to temporarily increase the volume of the lips.

However, at Philosophy of Beauty, we use multiple, holistic treatment modalities that work synergistically to target skin health and trigger the body’s natural tissue boosters. When we talk about rejuvenation, the goal is often to recapture youthful, suppleness and smooth away wrinkles.

The Fotona Laser and HydraFacial Perk are two of our favourite, gentle-yet-powerful treatments for these important facial features.

Due to an inevitable decline in our collagen and hyaluronic acid production as we age, skin loses its firmness and fine lines can appear around the mouth, (known as smoker’s lines.) One does not have to be a smoker to see these frustrating changes. The natural elasticity and health of your skin as well as repetitive movements like smiling and frowning will play a role in their development.

The best laser treatment for lip rejuvenation uses the SP Dynamis Pro. Fotona laser lip treatment is used to specifically target the lips and surrounding, perioral area of the mouth. The area around your lips can be overlooked by mere lip filler treatments alone. The great news is, u sing the Dynamis Pro for lip rejuvenation does not involve pain, injections, or downtime.

Laser skin smoothing and plumping with Fotona is a non-invasive and gentle solution to build up youthful support and smoothness in and around the lips. During the treatment, the laser is used to deliver gentle heat energy to affect changes on a cellular level.

The vermillion border, oral commissures, philtrum ridges, and Cupid’s bow all play key roles in defining the shape, proportion, and balance of our lips. The tightening and smoothing of lips and surrounding skin expose more of the vermillion to increase fullness and create a plumping effect.

One of the best things about this treatment is that there is no anesthetic or numbing agent required – treatments are painless and quick. There is no need to worry about downtime because, in SMOOTH mode, this laser is non-ablative and very gentle. Patients may feel warmth on the lips and the surrounding area after treatment, but this subside s within roughly 60 minutes.

We recommend that you start with a session once per month for 3 months, to achieve the full benefits and effects. Additionally, one session every 3 months will help to maintain your full, soft lips.

HydraFacial Perk is another innovation in cosmetic enhancement technology that offers express lip or eye exfoliation and revitalization.

Perk™ uses a patented roller-flex technology gently exfoliate areas that are known to be sensitive, such as the lips and around the eyes. The combination of exfoliation, suction, and infusion with nutrient – rich serums gives an instant glow and plumped, smoothed effect our clients love.

Dead cells and impurities are removed while pores are gently flexed to increase circulation and replenish the skin with vital antioxidants.

This Lip Treatment uses a specialized Lip Revitalizing Serum to naturally and safely volumize the lips. The Lip Revitalizing Serum contains key ingredients such as peony extract, aloe leaf extract, and peppermint oil. They combine to deeply moisturize and stimulate the lips. Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 30 uses beeswax, vitamin E, and extra virgin olive oil to calm and protect the perioral skin while maintaining long – lasting hydration.

After treatment, our clients get to take home the Lip Revitalizing Serum and the Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 30 for easy, daily maintenance of their beautiful results.

Early signs of aging are often seen around the eye area first, in the form of crow’s feet, dark circles, droopy eyelids, and under-eye hollows. The skin on your upper and lower eyelids is thinner than anywhere on your body! Unfortunately, that’s why it shows wear and tear first. Specialized eye rejuvenation treatments must combine powerful technology and ingredients with gentle handling and nourishing of this delicate tissue.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we use the Fotona Laser, HydraFacial Perk, and CO2 laser to restore youthfulness and rejuvenate the eye area.

Often called a nonsurgical blepharoplasty, this laser eye lift offers a way to improve the skin around your eyes in a single, powerful laser treatment. CO2 is an effective way to reduce wrinkles and other skin flaws while generating fresh, plumper skin. As a bonus, CO2 can also reduce brown spots and discoloration of the eye area for lasting brightness and a dramatic improvement of dark circles.

CO2 laser resurfacing for the under-eye has improved in recent years. At Philosophy of Beauty, our CORE technology treats the skin with fractionated laser beams which allow for a speedy, comfortable recovery. This precise and customizable laser resurfacing is catered to the delicate, thin nature of your eye lid skin.

You can count on a few days of visible redness in the eye area and the skin will feel sensitive and tight while healing. Gradual flaking is expected 4-5 days after treatment, to reveal fresh, healthy skin cells underneath. A temporary pink tone in the treatment area is also normal for 1-2 weeks, however, you may apply breathable, hypoallergenic concealer after the first few days. Ask our team about the Oxygenetix line designed specifically for post-treatment redness.

While CO2 requires realistic expectations for a brief recovery process, the results last indefinitely and are well worth it for the transformative results it delivers.

The Fotona Eyetight Laser treatment, using the SP Dynamis Pro for eye rejuvenation is non-surgical and doesn’t require the downtime associated with other treatments, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a safe, effective eye lift.

We offer a 3-layer treatment for the eye area for beautiful, comprehensive results. During your treatment, a laser light will lightly ablate the surface of the skin, softening the appearance of wrinkles, boosting healthy cell regeneration, and lifting lax tissues. Skin rejuvenation and tightening are achieved by triggering the body’s own, natural collagen and elastin production for firm, smooth skin

Eyetight laser eye tightening does not involve injections or pain, and our patients say they find it quite comfortable. To ensure maximum comfort, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the area before treatment. Post-treatment, the skin may be slightly reddened, itchy, or flaky, however, these side effects will subside within just a few days in most cases, depending on skin type. New, toned skin is revealed within 3-4 days.

An average eye rejuvenation treatment plan consists of 3 treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart. Top-up and maintenance sessions are recommended to maintain optimal results.

Like the HydraFacial lip rejuvenation treatment, Perk™ uses roller-flex technology to remove dead cells and impurities through a gentle exfoliation and suction process when treating the eye area. Pores are cleansed and healthy circulation and cell turnover are boosted.

HydraFacial Perk is known to awaken and invigorate with a specially formulated Eye Replenishing Serum. Its natural ingredients include green tea extract, arnica flower extract, citric acid, and earth mineral peptides to target a host of complexion problems specific to this region. The arnica soothes and reduces swelling and sensitivity. Green tea tightens and works as a powerful antioxidant to keep cells healthy and prevent aging. Earth minerals brighten to combat darkened pigmentation, as does citric acid. The eye mask contains extracts of cucumber, Ginkgo Biloba, seaweed, and ginseng root. These extracts soothe and hydrate your skin which is the key to diminishing fine lines and improving eyelid elasticity.

Bonus: Soothing Eye Masks are included in your Perk treatment so you can calm and soothe your eyes at home.

We welcome you to schedule a consultation and find out about the many natural and multifaceted treatment options we use to promote a youthful, glowing appearance.

Conveniently located in Vaughan, we proudly service clients in the Thornhill and Toronto areas to help them look and feel their best, from the inside out.

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