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HAIRestart® with Fotona

If you’re battling hair loss, you might think that your only options are surgical hair transplant, pricey wigs, and messy scalp camouflage products. Non-surgical hair growth treatments are in-demand because a high percentage of the population struggle with thinning, shedding hair, and they want to avoid surgical or hair loss medication side effects.

Shrinking hair follicles begin to cause unwanted changes for some people in their 20s, and pattern or hormonal hair loss can be a significant issue for women too.

We see many Toronto hair loss patients at Philosophy of Beauty, and we have good news. There are safe, pain-free treatments for hair growth available to you. HAIRestart ® by Fotona is an effective and completely comfortable way to stimulate hair growth, help regain your beautiful locks, and your confidence.

What is HAIRestart® Non-surgical Hair Growth Treatment?

Fotona’s HAIRestart® growth stimulation laser helps to treat hair loss disorders. It works by stimulating dormant hair follicles on your scalp to get your thick, healthy hair growing again.

How does HAIRestart® work? Without needles or scalpels, the device directs highly controlled thermal energy through the skin to boost tissue regeneration, optima l blood flow, and new hair follicle growth.

The patented Fotona Smooth mode gently applies laser light at the infrared Er: YAG wavelength of 2.94 μm which allow s maximum absorption in your skin.

We love Fotona’s Smooth mode because it is non-ablative, directing mild thermal pulses that do not damage surface skin. Throughout treatment, the scalp is stimulated in a safe, controlled way to induce the production of cellular growth factors, deep within.

Did you know that it’s normal to see between 50 and 100 hair strands fall out each day? New hair s are always growing, so this natural cycle of fallout doesn’t cause balding when everything is in balance. However, if you shed over 100 strands per day, you might be suffering from hair loss, also known as telogen effluvium.

The most common type of hair loss we see in men and women is called pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia, and it tends to be hereditary.

Female pattern hair loss usually presents as overall hair thinning with the part at the top of the scalp becoming wider over time.

Comparatively, in male pattern baldness, we see a receding hairline first in most cases, or a bald spot on the crown, while hair around the back and sides remains the same.

You may be losing hair for the following reasons:

Ageing: hair growth naturally slows as we age. The strands become thinner and pigment fades, resulting in grey or white hair.

Stress: You may have noticed that your body suffers under extreme stress. After an illness or traumatic event, many people experience a type of “shock loss” that causes numerous hair follicles to let go of their hairs all at once. Prolonged stress often leads to thinner hair.

Post-pregnancy and hormonal: While pregnant women are known to have thick, radiant hair during gestation, it’s also common for new mothers to experience increased hair fallout after giving birth. In many cases, this phenomenon is due to their retention of hair during pregnancy, with less shedding during that time. After the baby is born and hormones normalize, the hair they held on to falls out. In most cases, balance is eventually restored, but some people say that their hair changed and was never the same again after giving birth. Likewise, many women report hair thinning during menopause and pre-menopause related to hormonal shifts.

Our non-invasive, gentle laser hair growth treatment offers excellent advantages:

  • Reduction of further hair loss
  • Increase d hair density and thickness
  • Promotion of new follicle growth
  • No medications
  • No surgery
  • No downtime


We’re experts in personalized, combination therapies to target each, unique client’s goals and needs. We have not just one but numerous effective technologies for hair loss, along with the products to ensure you can keep reviving your hair growth at home too. When you schedule your HAIRestart® consultation at Philosophy of Beauty, you can count on our knowledgeable team to provide a thorough assessment, honest insights, and recommendations for a comprehensive approach you’ll love.

Fotona’s Smooth mode lets us control the delivery of energy to get your hair growing, without discomfort or downtime. Safely increasing the temperature of your scalp within a precise range feels like gentle, warming pulses.

Your treatment can be completed within 30 – 40 minutes and there is no need for topical numbing. During the procedure, a handpiece is will be held on your target areas to conduct the energy into the tissue, targeting hair follicles. The specialized wavelengths are incredibly rapid. During treatment, patients describe the sensation as warming and soothing.

Once the laser protocol is complete, your scalp will be treated to hydration and essential nutrient replenishment to help encourage natural hair growth. Once HAIRestart® is complete, you can resume your daily activities.

We often advise 6-8 treatments scheduled every 1-2 weeks to ensure that we target each growth cycle phase and address your hair follicles throughout stages of growth.

There is no downtime associated with HAIRestart®, but you can expect your scalp to appear slightly pink for a short time after treatment and it may feel tighter, or temporarily sensitive.

Avoid showering or exercising for 24 hours to keep your scalp from sweating and reduce any swelling. As always, protect your scalp from sun exposure.

Anyone dealing with early signs of hair loss can be a good candidate for HAIRestart® treatment. We recommend that regular laser stimulation for your follicles can be an ideal way to naturally prevent future balding and hold onto thick hair longer. However, if you already see signs of thinning, it’s not too late to take action.

You will have the option to combine your hair growth laser with scalp PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) . We offer PRP and PRF for hair growth as a stand-alone treatment, or to amplify the results of other hair treatments.

PRP harnesses the 100% natural power of your own stem cells and growth factors taken from a small sample of blood. When injected and applied topically, PRP has a stellar track record for supporting rapid healing and regeneration of cells. Ask us about hair PRP when you visit to plan your HAIRestart® treatments.

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