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Skin Resurfacing

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is Toronto’s premiere technology for dramatic complexion renewal

What is CO2 Skin Resurfacing?

This facial refresher is one of our most in-demand treatments at Philosophy of Beauty. The CO2RE™ Syneron device is a respected, effective CO2 laser system, proven safe for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, and much more.

Are you ready to achieve dramatic skin rejuvenation? Learn why this is a gold-standard treatment for facial laser resurfacing.

The science behind CO2 effectiveness has allowed it to be cleared for use in 10 medical specialties, such as dermatology, plastic surgery, and gynecology.

This one system can perform everything from excisions to ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing. Here’s how this powerful technology works. The fractional CO2 laser utilizes a carbon dioxide laser beam and pixelates it into thousands of micro shafts of light. They penetrate deep layers creating tiny perforations in the skin. In the case of fractionated ablation, the shafts of tissue perforation are surrounded by untouched surface skin, which maintains healthy tissue bridges for rapid healing.

The micro-holes created by the laser heal from within, strengthening the tissue and sloughing off old surface cells. Precise, multiple layers can be treated with the laser to reveal fresh, plump skin cells. We’re able to remove years of sun-damaged, aged skin in a single treatment. At the same time, deep thermal heating also helps to shrink existing collagen and to stimulate the production of more.

With CO2RE™ ®, you can precisely target skin issues with a level of control that’s customizable and safer than ever. Unlike older technologies, the new CO2RE ™ ® device that we use is much faster and far more comfortable while delivering the same impressive resurfacing capabilities.

The resurfacing process is intensive, but the depth of energy penetration and precision tissue targeting means rapid healing and minimal complications compared with previous modalities.

Incredibly, CO2 lasers in Toronto are used for over 100 different indications! Here are a few of the top skin concerns we transform utilizing this technology at Philosophy of Beauty:

  • Smoothing skin tone and texture
  • Reducing visible sun damage
  • Reducing melisma
  • Diminishing fine lines & wrinkles
  • Minimizing the appearance of surgical or acne scars
  • Encouraging neocollagenis (new collagen) to tone the complexion

For those who want the most noticeable smoothing, repair, and rejuvenation of skin they can get without a facelift, CO2 is the go-to solution. The stunning, lasting results are considered well worth the downtime.

The CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is designed to affect deep skin layers and target deeper cosmetic issues than other lasers. Because it’s more intense, the process requires some comfort measures and a little time off for healing.

Your Philosophy of Beauty laser technician will discuss the treatment with you in your private suite. It’s important to know that this is an intensive treatment that yields dramatic results. Traditionally, fractional resurfacing CO2 lasers required patients to have IV sedation, in an OR! It was an effective option but came with lengthy recovery and discomfort.

Now, the new CORE CO2 laser allows treatment as fast as 30 minutes with only topical numbing. CO2RE™ requires just one treatment-but achieves powerful results. Before you begin, you’ll have a potent, topical numbing cream applied to your skin. Patients describe the sensation of the laser energy as prickling, or pins and needles.

You’ll be able to leave right away when finished and return home with a skincare plan for comfort and healing.

When you visit Philosophy of Beauty to have a free consultation and skin assessment, you’ll receive detailed information about the risks and considerations for laser resurfacing, plus a step-by-step guide for a comfortable and speedy recovery.

CO2 lasers are more invasive and make more significant changes to the skin than our lighter laser options. The new CO2RE™ technology allows for faster healing and less discomfort, but good candidates must be realistically prepared to take time off and care for sensitive skin while healing.

For those who have significant sun/age spots, moderate to severe acne scarring, and facial wrinkles that bother them, this is often the best choice to create dramatic skin improvements. However, when mild fine lines, minimal textural issues, or pigmentation are a concern, we can offer different treatment modalities that rejuvenate the skin beautifully with less downtime. A variety of options and their related benefits will be discussed with you to help you choose the best fit for your goals.

Laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels can generate dramatic results. However, because of their more aggressive nature, important considerations and skin preparation are required to ensure the best results.

Depending on your complexion needs and skin type, we often advise conditioning the skin with ZO Obagi products 90-180 days before CO2. This preparation is sometimes required to balance sebum and melanin in the skin for rapid healing, and to reduce your risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH.)

Before your skin resurfacing with CO2, we’ll ask you to avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks and to discontinue any hydroquinone treatments. Some medications like minocycline and doxycycline must be avoided 3 days before CO2 laser resurfacing, and Accutane must also be stopped at least 6 months prior. Always let your practitioner know which medications you take before planning your laser treatment.

Those who’ve had previous herpes outbreaks, or shingles, may be advised to take antiviral medication like Valtrex 2 days before skin resurfacing, and for a few days after as a preventative measure against new outbreaks.

Remember to eat a nutritious diet and stay well hydrated before your appointment so that your skin will be in optimal condition to heal.

First, it helps to have realistic expectations and plan on 2-3 weeks before you’re “camera ready.” You’ll be given instructions for soaking, moisturizing, and covering your skin in the first days. You can expect to feel dry or itchy, and you may see crusting or minor scabbing.

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of healing is a tight pulling sensation on the skin, so you shouldn’t let the surface dry out as it will pull even more. Don’t pick or rub at your skin! You’ll see old, thin surface layers sloughing off in the first week, but you mustn’t pull at that skin. The longer it’s in place, it can act as a protective bandage to help encourage healing underneath.

Exposure to sunlight must be avoided after CO2 laser treatment. Once your skin is on the mend after one week, you’ll need to wear sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat any time you are exposed to sunshine.

Let us advise you about hypoallergenic and protective makeup foundations explicitly designed for delicate, post-laser skin.

Tips to stay comfortable and accelerate healing:

  • Avoid eating salty foods that can increase water retention.
  • Avoid exercise and sweating for at least 3
  • Take any over-the-counter pain medications as directed.
  • Don’t apply makeup or sunblock until three days have passed, or your practitioner advises you to go ahead.

Good news! In most cases, your treatment will take just 30 minutes and you can return home right away.

You can expect your results to appear in stages.

You’ll see some improvement right away, but the full results take 3-6 months to appear. That’s because time is required for fresh, new skin cells to be revealed, and your skin will be thickening, strengthening, and producing new collagen during that time.

During recovery after CO2 laser skin resurfacing, you can expect to see pink skin for 4 to 6 weeks. As the tone returns to normal, you’ll notice a smoother, more even, glowing complexion. Various strengths can be applied to a custom CO2 facial, and your recovery plus benefits depend on the customization of your facial.

Light resurfacing will allow for a complexion refresh, minimized pores, even tone, and a fresh glow. Downtime may be as light as a few days.

Mid strength is designed to firm and smooth ski n more dramatically, plus resurface.

Deep fractional resurfacing can improve severe scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, plus remove significant hyperpigmentation.

Let our complexion experts help you choose the perfect strength for you!

On average, our patients enjoy laser skin resurfacing results that last from one year, up to 5 years with consistent home care. Because of our experienced guidance in quality skin care routines and products, many of our clients can extend their results indefinitely! When treating scars, they are typically gone forever.

While numerous comfortable laser treatments target surface irregularities and pro mote glowing skin health with no downtime, CO2 can generate the most dramatically visible results through a single treatment. Resurfacing triggers the surface skin layers to gradually fall away and reveal fresh, healthy, unblemished skin underneath. Because deep resurfacing is achieved in one step, the recovery process is more substantial, but so are the results.

Each situation is unique, but generally, your practitioner will advise having other treatments a few weeks apart. You might choose wrinkle injections to relax dynamic facial muscles, facial fillers to replace diminished volume, or other laser treatments such as IPL once you’ve recovered from CO2.

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