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Thread lift

No matter how you care for your skin, the march of time and gravity begins to take a toll as early as the ’30s. Facelifts may look appealing for men and women entering midlife. Still, many aren’t ready or interested in the downtime or cost of cosmetic surgery. They’re seeking less invasive, non-surgical, and quick solutions to smooth wrinkles and perk up features. Perhaps they’ve tried cosmetic injectables but prefer to focus on firm skin instead of volume or muscle movement. When it comes to sagging jowls, cheeks, or forehead, there are essentially two cosmetic options. Surgery produces dramatic and lost-lasting results. However, for those in earlier stages of correction, the new InstaLift®, non-permanent threads are better than ever for temporary midface lifting and a revitalized appearance. Have you heard what’s new with thread lift results? We’re excited to share the possibilities with you.

Finally, an efficient, natural-looking way to give sagging facial skin a lift! This is not surgery, but many people considering a lower or mid-facelift can qualify for this minimally-invasive option instead.

The procedure lifts deep layers of your skin. It stimulates your collagen to increase, which can result in a smoother complexion.

After 4 to 6 months, these small strands break down into components of carbon dioxide, water, and sugar molecules. The body flushes them safely away, but what remains? That’s the exciting part. As a result of the thread presence in your skin, your body will create the elastic, skin-firming collagen that helps thicken, smooth, and lift facial features. These special sutures have micro-bidirectional cones on them that help to grab and gently pull the skin in the desired direction, then your body works to secure it there. This biomedical copolymer is generally well-tolerated and doesn’t tend to show through the skin or cause the other issues old-fashioned threads did. The Silhouette InstaLift® can elevate tissue and encourage the natural skin healing and strengthening the response to continuing after threads are gone. A gradual, subtle increase in facial volume may result where desired, for instance, in the cheek area, or in the temple region where people often fill hollows with Hyaluronic acid.

The skin professionals at Philosophy of Beauty will ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed in your private treatment suite before beginning treatment. You can use a topical numbing agent, and some clients prefer Pronox gas to help relieve any anxiety. Luckily, exceptionally fine needles and a relatively shallow insertion mean most people feel only a little pinch with each thread. Once the injector maps out strategic zones to lay threads just under your skin, they’ll be placed quickly and easily with a thin needle. The procedure typically requires 45 minutes, and patients can return home right away. The result can be somewhat visible almost instantly, and a minor amount of intra-dermal swelling will give you an instant skin-plumping effect. However, the lasting, desired results build over 4 to 6 weeks after treatment. Patients return home and enjoy having no downtime or activity restriction to worry about. This makes it incredibly convenient and a much less intensive way to boost the skin.

If you’re thinking of a threadlift, be aware that they don’t offer the dramatic lifting of facial surgery and won’t add the same volume/filling of dermal fillers. On the plus side, because they are “floating” in your dermis, stimulating collagen before dissolving, they come with few negative concerns or risks. Due to the less-invasive nature, many people can return to regular activities or work almost instantly. Changes related to your Silhouette InstaLift® will be visible right away but will continue to improve throughout several months. In some cases, 18 months of smoothing effects are noted. Previous generations of threads inserted permanent strands with tiny gripping barbs which, on occasion, worked out of the tissue or appeared visible under the surface. Most of these issues are mitigated with the new InstaLift® treatment. Adverse events for dissolvable threads can include infection, temporary inflammation, pain (temporary or persistent), bruising, transient rippling, or dimpling. Your practitioner will explain all possible issues to be aware of before proceeding.

Those with good skin tone Those who have mild or moderate sagging of the mid-face People who have deep nasal labial folds or marionette lines.

People with thin skin and minimal underlying fat Those who need significant excess skin removal Those who need facial muscle lifting Resorbable suspension sutures mechanically fixate surface tissue with the lift and smoothing you want, then collagen formation takes over to temporarily hold in place. The results aren’t permanent, because eventually, tissue sags and changes with time. If you’re seeking a permanent solution, facelifts deliver results that last more than a decade in most cases.

Philosophy of Beauty would like to offer you a free consultation to learn about the beautiful options available, pressure-free. InstaLift® Midface Lift treatment has been delivering high patient satisfaction rates across Europe, and we’re so pleased to bring it to Toronto, Vaughan and GTA patients.Welcome to our serene, welcoming environment where the industry’s most advanced aesthetic medicine and highly trained, talented practitioners meet. We’ll listen to your expectations and concerns then evaluate your needs before recommending a personalized treatment plan.Please call or write to book your appointment and discover whether InstaLift® can give you the natural-looking, surgery-free facelift you’ve been seeking.

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