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You can protect most body areas from the sun and harsh, environmental stress but y our hands tend to work the hardest, exposed to UV rays and constant washing, wear, and tear.

It’s no wonder that your hands may show more signs of age than your face or neck. If you’re like most people, remembering to apply sunscreen to the back of your hands might not be consistent. As with the rest of your skin, tissue of the back of the hands can become thinner over time and will lose the plumping collagen and elastin that once maintained firm youthfulness.

Whether your concern is brown spots, fat/volume loss, fine lines, or dull skin, we offer luxe, pampering treatments for hands with results you’ll feel confident showing off.

Many Philosophy of Beauty clients take excellent care of their facial skin but they find that their hands expose their age. Detectable signs of aging in this area include a loss of fat volume, making the bones, tendons, and veins more prominent, and the development of brown sunspots, known as age spots.

Luckily, we have non-invasive, quick, and beneficial treatments for this often-overlooked area of the body.

Dermal filler injections can strategically and subtly replace the youthful volume which once softened the back of your hands.

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a non-invasive, targeted way to minimize hyperpigmentation, redness, and brown spots for more even skin tone.

We also love HydraFacial® Body treatments because they are safe for everyone, relaxing, and carry no downtime, yet this thorough, 3-step exfoliating and hydrating treatment can leave your skin looking instantly fresh and glowing.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally derived, hydrating gel that can be injected under the skin where hollows and deflation lead to sagging or contour changes.

HA is a fundamental molecule that helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture content because it attracts and retains water. This molecule is present everywhere in your body and plays a key role in youthful, dewy skin, yet you will create less of it with age.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we are deeply knowledgeable in the use of numerous HA fillers, each with a range of consistencies and staying power. Our team of medical professionals can create long-lasting results for you using the ideal dermal filler product for areas you wish to treat.

Along with long-term hydration maintenance, dermal filler provides instant, visible improvements.

Dermal filler for hands can:

  • Restore volume to fill out loose skin
  • Minimizing the look of tendons, bones, and veins
  • Create a more youthful appearance
  • Create a natural-looking result, instantly

You know that your hands probably see the light of day more than any other body part. While we often remember to cover up with hats and apply sunblock, our hands are chronically exposed to harmful rays that can leave them spotted, blotchy, and aged overtime.

IPL technology applies high-intensity, broad-spectrum light pulses to target unwanted skin pigmentation, along with laxity due to loss of collagen.

IPL for brown spots is one of our most effective laser treatments because it works rapidly-often after the first treatment.

At Philosophy of Beauty, our superior technology by IPL Lumenis One treats Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. The IPL Lumenis One is considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in Photo rejuvenation thanks to its proven efficacy and visible results.

During your IPL hand treatment, the laser light will break pigmentation into minuscule particles which typically rise to the skin’s surface and are naturally exfoliated away within 1-2 weeks. Some pigment particles will be filtered through your lymphatic waste system and out of your body.

IPL Benefits:

  • No downtime
  • Not painful
  • Targets only unwanted pigment, not surrounding skin
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Natural-looking, gradual improvement
  • Appropriate for any area of the body

On average, patients usually achieve their desired results after 5-6 treatments, scheduled 3-4 weeks apart. You can maintain your brighter, even skin tone with maintenance appointments every 2 or 3 months.

This soothing, body facial experience i s a treat for your hands. This popular facial is known for improving the moisture levels, tone, and texture of the skin, and results can be seen immediately.

Your hand HydraFacial® will exfoliate, cleanse, and brighten using a wet diamond tip combined with suction to gently remove dullness, while infusing skin-nourishing ingredients.

Our HydraFacial® MD serums target specific skin concerns, including dryness and aged skin. We are pleased to be one of the first clinics offering Syndeo™ LED, featuring cloud-based technology to analyze your personal skin information for custom treatments. This non-invasive system also utilizes red and blue LED lights which can target wrinkles, sunspots, environmental damage, thinning, and dryness. HydraFacial® with Syndeo™ helps to stimulate ongoing collagen production for lasting beauty.

One of our favourite boosters for flawless skin tone is the ZO Brightalive® Booster Serum, which specifically addresses hyperpigmentation. You will have a choice of hydrating, nourishing skin boosters to choose from during your hand HydraFacial® treatment.

Our team can perform most of these treatments for your rejuvenated hands in roughly 30 minutes. There is no downtime require d, and we’ll recommend ongoing healthy hand care at home using a selection of top skin care products. It’s time that your hands match your radiant complexion and reflect how vibrant you feel. Call for a complimentary consultation today!

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