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PRP For Hair Treatment

What is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is an effective, natural option for treating thinning hair. Thin hair is a concern for many of our clients and often a source of embarrassment for both men and women in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 70% of men and 50% of women will struggle with hair loss at some point in their lives. Today, people are seeking natural, safe, and effective hair loss solutions.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) can be used to treat a number of common conditions, including wound healing, skin issues like acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, muscle, and joint injuries. That’s why it has been utilized within several medical fields including plastic surgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, and oral surgery.

There seems to be no end to what this amazing and natural treatment can do. Recently, PRP and PRF have also been recognized as an effective treatment for hair loss. While research is still being conducted, it is reported that approximately 50 percent of patients experience substantial hair growth after undergoing PRP therapy, with few side effects and no downtime.

Who is PRP for?

PRP can help treat thinning hair caused by hormonal changes, medications, genetics, stress, and medical conditions. Hair loss is sometimes considered inevitable, but it can have a devastating impact on an individual’s self-esteem due to the importance our society places on hair and the significant role hair plays in one’s appearance.

Luckily, thanks to developments in medical technology, non-surgical hair loss treatments are now offered at Philosophy of Beauty, serving Thornhill, Vaughan, and Toronto. PRP treatment for hair loss could transform the health of your scalp, the look and feel of your hair, and your confidence.

Suitable candidates wish to improve the look of male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss. Ideal candidates for Toronto PRP hair treatment are non-smokers with no history of drug or alcohol abuse. If you’re considering PRP or PRF therapy, it is important to be in good health before treatment. Those diagnosed with platelet dysfunction syndromes, acute and chronic infections, liver disease, anti-coagulation therapy, cancer, metabolic, or any blood disorders may not be suitable candidates and should speak with their primary physician.

PRP scalp treatment is non-surgical and autologous, as it utilizes the patient’s blood plasma to encourage hair follicle growth.

The process of drawing blood for PRP is very quick and simple. As a result, most people describe the sensation as a small pinch. During this minimally-invasive procedure, only about 8 ml of blood will be drawn from your arm and then placed in a centrifuge where it is separated into its various parts: red cells, white cells, plasma, and platelets. This step also removes granulocytes, which hinder the regeneration of tissues. The Platelet Rich Plasma refined from the mixture contains powerful healing components, concentrated and ready to use.

Next, PRP is injected into the scalp using a fine needle. The plasma injected into the treatment area prompts healing and regeneration by stimulating stem cells that trigger the growth of hair follicles and improve blood flow. The result is that PRP prompts inactive or recently implanted hair follicles to enter the anagen, or growth phase of the hair cycle. This makes PRP a perfect follow-up treatment for hair transplant procedures.

The Platelet Rich Fibrin isolated from blood has demonstrated new hair growth stimulation when administered to the scalp. Although there are similarities between PRP and PRF, the latter has become a top choice in the hair growth industry for a few reasons. PRF requires less blood and creates a concentrated serum with advanced healing potential. Processed at a lower speed, more stem cells and white blood cells remain in the PRF serum for powerful regenerative applications.

Each injection stings a little as the PRP enters just under the skin’s surface. We use topical numbing medication, and a chilled air blower to help minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Once finished, the treated area is generally a little sore to the touch, but not painful-this improves over 48-72 hours. No anaesthetic is required, and you will be awake throughout your short appointment.

If you take blood thinners, please let your practitioner know. You’ll be asked to refrain from smoking, if possible, three days prior to treatment because nicotine can limit healing and oxygen to the scalp. Minimize your alcoholic consumption on the day before your treatment as well.

On the day of your appointment, wash your hair well and do not use gels, leave-in conditioners, or other products on your hair.

You may experience mild bruising, redness, or soreness that will last one or two days following treatment. You’ll be asked to avoid washing your scalp on the day of your appointment and to avoid using hair products. There are few restrictions and no downtime to worry about, but swimming, saunas, and hot tubs should also be avoided for a few days.

PRP and PRF have been used in medicine safely and effectively for over twenty years. Although PRP for hair growth is a relatively recent development, extensive studies indicate that it is a safe and viable, non-surgical treatment option for hair restoration.

PRP is not surgery and doesn’t implant hair. It is also a completely natural procedure because it utilizes the patient’s own blood cells. That’s why there is no risk of infection or chance of immune system rejection of the product-it’s all yours! In addition, this natural approach means that the resulting hair growth blends seamlessly with a patient’s existing hair.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we understand how troubling h air loss can be and we are dedicated to helping our clients find safe, effective solutions for thinning hair. We are focused on utilizing the best, cutting-edge technology, which is why we are proud to offer innovative PRP and PRF therapy for hair restoration.

We use the Arthrex ACP Double Syringe which offers unparalleled concentration of growth factors for therapy. Typical platelet-rich plasma systems take up to 45 minutes for processing and aside from the inconvenience, valuable time lost may negatively affect the sample. Our advanced system is fully automated with 3-sensor technology and can deliver up to 18x platelet concentrations with full adjustability of components. The system avoids harsh chemical reagents keeping your procedure safe and natural from start to finish. Your entire treatment may take less than one hour, and you can enjoy watching results continue to build in the months after.

We welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our medical beauty experts at our convenient, Vaughan, On. Location. During your consultation, you’ll l earn more about how PRP can restore your hairline and confidence. Our passion for helping patients achieve their goals has built our reputation as a leading GTA aesthetic medical spa.

One of the most attractive features of PRP is that it requires no downtime, and the entire process takes just 60-90 minutes. It is minimally invasive and because it doesn’t require sedation, you can resume normal day-to-day activities such as driving immediately following the procedure. You may return to work immediately after, though your scalp might feel sensitive.

An even better reason to choose PRP hair restoration at Philosophy of Beauty is that this non-surgical procedure does not cause scarring, so the source of your hair restoration will be undetectable and remain your beauty secret.

It may take as long as 4-6 months to see the final results of your procedure. The natural hair growth and cell regeneration processes in your body take time. Although not required, for optimal results, it is recommended that you undergo a series of PRP treatments, scheduled at 3 to 4-month intervals. Research indicates that consistent PRP treatments will encourage sustained, lasting hair growth.

While there are numerous hair loss shampoos and medications that yield positive results, the concentrated growth potency of PRP injected under the skin’s surface is the most direct way to target hair growth, right at the roots. The results of topical treatments can be greatly amplified using this concentrated therapy simultaneously.

Patients troubled with hair loss may wish to combine PRP therapy with other hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil or DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers. While it is an excellent option for individuals who do not wish to undergo surgery, PRP may also be effective when used post-operatively, as it stimulates the growth and rapid healing of newly implanted hair grafts. We recommend our soothing, invigorating HydroFacial for hair, before PRP scalp treatment. Ask us about a total hair growth and scalp health plan for you.

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