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EmFace (Facial Muscle Toning)

At Philosophy of Beauty, we love to get right down to the source of facial ageing and sagging with non-surgical, needle-free technology. That’s why we’re excited to offer Emface®, the BTL Aesthetics combination therapy for facial muscle and skin toning.

With age, you might notice new facial lines and a downward pull on your skin. However, wrinkles are not formed at the surface alone. 

Your facial muscle tone will atrophy over time. The weakening of facial muscles along with thinner skin might have people in their 40s and 50s considering facelift surgery. 

Before going under the knife, you’ll be relieved to know that Emface®, developed and tested for 7 years, is an excellent pre-emptive treatment for facial aging and facial muscle toning. 

This brand-new non-surgical advancement in facial rejuvenation addresses skin quality and muscle strength simultaneously without discomfort or downtime. 

Talk to a Philosophy of Beauty skin consultant to find out why Hollywood is buzzing about Emface®.

Non-surgical facial muscle toning with Emface® is a combination treatment harnessing radio frequency and high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation adapted for smaller, delicate facial muscles. Just like the popular EmSculpt® Neo for body toning, Emface® emits radiofrequency (RF) to tighten skin while strengthening the musculature under the surface. Dual-action lifting can improve as aging midface, brow, jawline, and more.

Face yoga recently gained attention as a DIY solution targeting the loss of muscle strength and elasticity responsible for youthful firmness. The concept of a “face workout” is logical; however, simply contracting and relaxing these expressive muscles on your own is rarely enough to generate visible differences. 

Your midface, forehead, or jawline may sag as you enter mid-life and it’s the muscle tone and volume underneath your skin that are likely responsible. 

Emface® is designed to “work out” facial muscles in an intense but comfortable way, with enough muscle fiber-building energy to lift your sagging facial tissue back up.

Without needles or incisions, Emface® transmits synchronized RF and HIFES energy through your skin, straight to the target cells. 

Radiofrequency has been shown to increase collagen and toning elastin in the skin. HIFES generates thousands of pulses of electromagnetic, muscle-contracting energy which rapidly flex and strengthen facial muscles.

Thicker, firmer skin and strong, toned muscles result in smoother, lifted faces.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we strive to stay in line with the latest aesthetic medicine advancements and offer innovative, new technology to our clients. 

Emface® is the first device to use a simultaneous application of synchronized HIFES and RF energies for exponential lifting results. 

Previous face-lifting and anti-ageing technology targeted only skin tone or muscles alone. 

Comparatively, this powerful combination brings together HIFES to increase muscle density and lifting power while painless RF builds collagen and elastin- two key factors for smooth, youthful skin. 

People may see signs of age appear without understanding that facial musculature plays a significant role. For example, delicate muscles around your eyes and brow work in harmony to form expressions and lift in a balanced way. Over time, strength imbalances paired with thinning skin lead to drooping, furrows, and lines. 

Strong midface and jawline muscles also provide valuable volume and facial fullness. The appearance of hollows and a downward shift of facial skin occur when underlying muscles and fat pads shrink with age. 

At Philosophy of Beauty in Vaughan, the most common facial muscle toning target areas include:

  • Full Face
  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline

Facial muscle toning with Emface ® can result in a lifted appearance of the brow, corners of the mouth, cheekbones, chin, and jawline.

Emface® is the only needle-free, hands-free solution for facial muscle toning and skin lifting that you can complete in just 20 minutes. We love treatments that are both effective and efficient, so the 2-in-1 combination of RF and HIFES energy impresses us as much as our clients. 

Philosophy of Beauty is one of the first clinics in the GTA and in Ontario to offer Emface®.

Our practitioners are serious about advanced training and proficiency in all the emerging aesthetic technologies we offer, so you can count on our team to provide honest, thorough assessments and recommendations tailored just to you, with a treatment plan to help you reach your facial toning goals. 


Your treatment will be non-invasive, without needles, incisions, or any downtime to plan for.


The Emface ® device runs independently, calibrated to your facial anatomy and desired energy application. Comfortable, hands-free applicator pads will be applied, then you can relax privately during treatment.

Emface® is quick!

The facial muscle toning procedure takes only 20 minutes of your time to deliver maximum benefits.

During clinical trials, patients were assessed with a 30% increase in their muscle tone, 37% wrinkle reduction, 23% more lifted skin, 26% collagen increase, 200% elastin improvement, 92.8% more facial volume in key areas, and 92.5% more even, smooth skin. Overall, patients reported an average of 92.3% satisfaction with Emface®.

Ablative lasers, microneedling, or cosmetic injection treatments often use numbing products or cooling devices to keep patients comfortable throughout, but these are not necessary for Emface®. You’ll be pleased to know that this facial muscle toning technology is painless and doesn’t require any medication, comfort measures, or downtime after.

After explaining your treatment, we will apply the three Emface® electrode pads to strategic facial regions- one on your forehead, and two on your cheeks. 

You can expect to feel a pleasant, warming sensation as the RF energy gently heats the skin, and you’ll experience involuntary flexing as HIFES stimulates your muscles. Patients sometimes describe the energy-induced muscle contractions as tickling or pulsing and it can feel strange, but not unpleasant. The submuscular aponeurotic system, (SMAS) is a fibroconnective tissue layer that extends from mid-scalp to the clavicle, so it’s not uncommon to feel energy effects in areas other than where pads are placed, such as the scalp. 

You’ll find that energy intensity gradually builds during your 20-minute session.

Once your treatment is complete, we will gently peel off the applicators and you can return to your regular activities. There is no downtime, recovery restrictions, or post-procedure care required.

Emface® is non-invasive and you will not have any peeling, redness, or discomfort to manage. You can resume all your regular activities, including makeup application, after Emface® treatment.

Bonus-Some people notice a lovely, subtle glow to the skin which lasts for a couple of hours.

Most patients notice Emface® results immediately following their treatment sessions. Further results are often reported by 4-6 weeks following the final session in a series, and you can expect visible lifting and toning to continue developing several weeks after your procedure while collagen, elastin, and muscle fibers are generated.

Emface® has been compared to cosmetic physical therapy for the face and similarly, desired results appear and improve over time.

Because we see clients of all ages and backgrounds who want a more lifted, toned, and healthy-looking appearance, it’s fair to say that most people could benefit from Emface’s® safe, pain-free facial muscle toning.

Facial muscle toning treatments can help to improve the look of existing facial laxity and it can be a beneficial preventative treatment before muscle atrophy and skin laxity take hold.

The only contraindications for Emface® treatment are pregnancy and breastfeeding. Scientific studies so far have not revealed any adverse side effects or undesirable aesthetic outcomes.

Optimal facial muscle toning results with Emface® are usually achieved with an average of 4 sessions scheduled 2 weeks apart. By 6 weeks after the last appointment, most people appreciate their desired, lifted look. 

We’re glad you asked! While this is an excellent, stand-alone treatment that provides multiple benefits, several Philosophy of Beauty services pair well with facial muscle toning. 

When facial volume loss due to muscle and fat pad shrinkage leads to hollows or mild sagging, cosmetic injections with dermal filler can strategically replace the softness, structural support, full lips, and cheekbones that you’re missing. 

Dermal fillers are long-lasting (more than a year in some cases) and have the dual benefit of stimulating collagen where placed, along with direct, instant volume replacement. 

Our clinic is proud to carry an extensive selection of Canada’s leading dermal fillers including Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Sculptra®. Emface® is safe to use with wrinkle injections, fillers, and laser treatments.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your beauty goals. Our team will be happy to provide a comprehensive plan to revive your:

  • Facial volume to combat sagging skin
  • Defined jawline and chin
  • Symmetrical facial features
  • Smooth under-eyes
  • Fuller lips
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