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Keravive HydraFacial

Are there any natural ways to boost hair growth and revitalize your scalp?

Yes! Many of our Philosophy of Beauty clients in the GTA and Toronto want to grow and thicken their hair, without hair transplant procedures. That’s why we offer numerous safe, proven options to help slow down hair loss, stimulate the scalp and follicles, add lustre, and clear away the gunk that limits healthy hair growth.

Our relaxing HydraFacial Keravive hair and scalp treatment is as luxurious as it is effective. When your scalp is in radiant condition, your hair will be too. Keravive gives hair a fresh start.

Keravive is a unique, 3-step hair and scalp treatment at Philosophy of Beauty, and it includes a 30-day take-home spray to continue hair nourishment at home.

This hair and scalp “facial” is the de ep cleansing stimulation, hydration, and nourishment your scalp has been craving. If you struggle with excess oil buildup, a dry, flakey scalp, styling product residue, or you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, weak, and not as shiny as it once was, Keravive can help.

Its 3, soothing steps will cleanse and exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish, then continue to extend and enhance your results for an entire month after treatment.

The same HydraFacial Vortex Technology we love for our popular facial, extracts excess oil, skin cell build-up, and impurities from the scalp and hair.

The result is thoroughly cleansed scalp skin and follicles that can “breathe,” with improved circulation, balanced oil and moisture, and healthier-looking hair.

For those seeking help with hair loss, Keravive is an excellent way to kick off a natural, healthy hair growth plan by removing the impurities that clog follicles and encouraging improved blood flow to hair roots.

HydraFacial uses a proprietary Vortex Technology which dislodges impurities from your scalp and hair follicles. The Keravive Peptide Complex Solution infuses a concentrated formula of biomimetic growth factors and proteins to hydrate and feed the scalp.

The first step cleanses and gently exfoliates your scalp to remove layers of dead skin cells and debris which can build up over time. Painless, relaxing suction is applied while hydrating to wash the scalp deeply, clear hair follicles, and stimulate scalp circulation.

Next, Keravive Peptide Complex Solution hydrates and nourishes the scalp while exfoliating, and the hair is bathed in growth factors and proteins to promote healthier, thicker-looking hair.

The last step allows you to extend and enhance your Keravive results using the daily Keravive Peptide Complex Spray. This rich formulation delivers daily hydration and nutrients to your scalp and hair.

You’ll be invited to arrive with clean, dry hair and avoid using h air products like leave-in conditioner, gel, hair spray, or dry shampoo beforehand.

Our clients adore this pampering treatment and the results! You’ll feel relaxed while you recline in your private treatment suite and your practitioner applies the HydraFacial applicators to treat your scalp and hair. Your scalp will feel a slight suction sensation, which is described as soothing and pleasant. You can close your eyes and enjoy the process as you go through the 3 treatment steps, finished with a scalp massage that encourages serum absorption and stimulates circulation.

Your three Keravive treatment steps are:

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate – Relaxing HydraFacial suction and deep hydration remove dirt, dead skin, and oil while hair is thoroughly cleansed.
  2. Stimulate and nourish – The HydraFacial applies a proprietary blend of 5 different growth factors and 2 vital skin proteins to your scalp. A scalp massage helps to fully infuse nourishment. The entire scalp HydraFacial takes roughly 1 hour.
  3. Extend and enhance – Your take-home Keravive scalp spray applied daily will deliver ongoing benefits to boost healthy hair growth and maintain a balanced scalp.

We recommend 3 treatments 1 month apart to completely revitalize the scalp and align with the hair’s natural growth cycles. You can enjoy Keravive as often as you like.

After even a single treatment, patients report a reduction in scalp itchiness, dryness, flakiness, and excess oil. Most patients notice improved shine and hair fullness right away, with roughly 75% noting an overall improvement in their hair’s appearance and their confidence after a full treatment course.

Our clients choose Keravive for:

  • Fuller – looking hair
  • Preventative and maintenance scalp care
  • Deep hydration for dry scalp
  • Removal of dandruff and build up
  • Nourishment and stimulation for thin or weak hair
  • To Improve scalp circulation
  • To support hair keratin
  • For moderate thinning or baldness
  • To enhance our other hair restoration treatments
  • To relieve itching, inflammation, and scalp irritation

This luxe hair and scalp treatment is ideal for all skin and hair types. While it can yield beautiful results for anyone who wants to improve scalp health, the HydraFacial is particularly effective to reduce scalp irritation, dryness, and itchiness. Keravive treatments are safe for people who have seborrheic dermatitis or brittle hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to hormonal, physiological , or environmental factors, schedule a complimentary consultation with our team and we’ll be pleased to create a personalised plan involving one or more intensive hair and scalp treatments that can get you back on track to full, youthful hair.

You can boost the benefits of other treatments with powerful combinations for hair growth and scalp health at Philosophy of beauty.

HydraFacial Keravive can complement other hair-loss treatment s and products because a clean, healthy scalp will absorb nutrients and medications better.

We often recommend PRP scalp treatment for those who want improved hair fullness and scalp health. You can alternate HydraFacial Keravive treatments and P RP with 2-4 weeks between them.

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