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Choose the Best Type of Dermal Filler for You

If you are one of the many looking to undergo beauty treatment using derma fillers, Vaughan doctors and specialists can fully discuss the pros and cons, as well as their recommendations upon consultation. There are derma fillers that are authentically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It helps to do research on the various types and brands of Vaughan dermal fillers approved by the FDA. For everyone’s safety, it will not bite if you ensure that what you are getting is legit from a licensed physician. Here are the types of dermal fillers in Vaughan:

HA is a natural substance that is produced by the body, found in the skin. This particular substance keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated and keeps it looking plump. HA dermal fillers are gel-like and are absorbed by the body in the long run. Results are not permanent – about 6 months to a year (or longer in some cases). The brands with HA approved by the FDA include:

  • Juvederm – XC, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure
  • Restylane – Restylane, Silk, Lyft, Refyne, Defyne
  • Belotero – Balance

Poly-L-lactic Acid

It is not as natural as HA but it is biocompatible or safe for the body. It is a synthetic substance that has been used in medical procedures for years already. Poly-L-lactic acid can be considered collagen stimulators and can therefore smoothen the facial lines because it helps rebuild the body’s collagen. This treatment is primarily recommended for deep or severe wrinkles and lines. Results could last up to 24 months. Look for the FDA-approved Sculptra Aesthetic brand.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite or CaHA

CaHa is a natural substance that can be found in the bones. As a filler, the microscopic calcium bits are made as smooth gels. Compared to HA, the CaHa is thicker and would have results that last for a longer period of 12 months for majority of patients. CaHa also stimulates the production of collagen in the body. FDA-approved brand includes the Radiesse.

Now, if you are a bit curious about botox too, here is a brief rundown of its similarities with and differences from dermal fillers.

For those considering botox injections, Vaughan physician would also be the best sources of information – from what they are to how they work and what the results and side effects are.

Botox or Botulinum Toxin is also injected like the dermal fillers. But for botox, Vaughan patients should know that the target areas are the dynamic wrinkles or those lines that result from natural facial movements like smiling, laughing, or frowning. So, botox will address those lines in between the eyebrows, the crow’s feet (wrinkles of the corners of the eyes), and those unwanted lines on the forehead.

Both injectable treatments take approximately 3o to 45 minutes to administer. Both can be done by licensed physicians in certified medical facilities during a person’s lunch break and that person can still go about doing normal tasks immediately after.

For dermal fillers or botox price, Vaughan patients should set appointments for initial consultation in order to get the best treatment available for any or all of their skin problems or complaints. It would be best to ask questions and be extra careful in choosing the type of treatment and who to trust for it.

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