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How Often Should You Get A HydraFacial?

HydraFacial MD® is an award-winning non-invasive treatment unlike any other procedure, as it effectively hydrates, resurfaces, and rejuvenates the skin, without the use of lasers or the need for downtime. HydraFacials are completely customized to suit your individual skin care needs and are an excellent choice for all skin types and concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, skin texture or tone, brown spots, congested or oily skin, and enlarged pores.

While many people think of a facial as a pampering treatment which they should only indulge in every once in a while, in reality, HydraFacials should be incorporated into your regular beauty regime in order to maintain their results and ensure that your skin – your largest organ- is properly cared for. In fact, with ongoing treatments, patients will notice a continual improvement in their skin, as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and congested pores are gradually diminished and lackluster skin is surged with moisture, leading to a radiant glow.

While in most cases, maintenance of your healthy glow means that a HydraFacial is recommended every four weeks, your individual skin type and needs should be taken into account when scheduling your appointments. The following guide will help you determine how frequently you should schedule your HydraFacial MD® treatments.

Skin cell growth and exfoliation are important factors to consider when caring for your skin. It is crucial that you allow your skin time to complete its full life cycle before scheduling another facial, as this will help ensure that your skin is ready for the treatment and is fully healed from the previous session. In most cases, your skin will be ready for the next session after three to four weeks of your treatment, however, your individual skin type, age, and environment may impact the timing. Our dedicated, highly trained experts will help you determine the best treatment schedule for your individual needs.

Patients with oily or acne prone skin are advised to schedule HydraFacial MD® treatments more regularly, in order to prevent and treat breakouts. Individuals who experience regular breakouts will benefit from HydraFacials scheduled every two to three weeks. In addition, unlike a lot of other beauty treatments, this one is recommended during a breakout in order to prevent the development of additional acne or scarring. Regular HydraFacials will help reduce the occurance of breakouts and over time, with consistent treatments, the frequency of the sessions can be gradually reduced, as the skin heals and stabilizes.

Although frequent HydraFacials are recommended for optimal results, we understand that monthly facials may not be possible for all of our patients. Whether you schedule an appointment every four weeks or every four months, a HydraFacial will drastically improve the condition of your skin and provide instant benefits you can see. Patients who are only able to come twice a year should schedule their treatments at the end of winter and summer, as these seasons tend to be harshest on the skin.

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