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The Different Types Of Laser Used For Hair Removal

With rising popularity and awareness, there is a high demand for laser hair removal to be readily available and Philosophy of Beauty offers the most advanced technologies in the industry- including both the Lumenis LightSheer and Fotona laser systems, to safely eliminate unwanted hair.

The Lumenis LightSheer diode system is a well-established and effective method of laser hair removal. At Philosophy of Beauty, we are pleased to offer one of the most used laser devices in the world which is currently unmatched by any competitor on the market. The LightSheer is an 810-nanometer diode laser, which uses semiconductor technology to produce a projection of light in the infrared range. The beam of highly concentrated light targets specific chromophores in the skin, such as melanin, and is absorbed by the pigment located within the hair follicles. The hair follicles are then either destroyed or damaged in a way that disrupts re-growth and prevents new growth of hair. The signature 810-nanometer diode laser in the LightSheer system offers the deepest penetration levels and superior melanin absorption when compared to any competing laser system.

An integral part of the Lumenis LightSheer laser system is its advanced ChillTip hand piece. This additional specialized equipment makes laser treatments more comfortable for our patients, without the sacrifice of efficiency. The ChillTip cools the skin in and surrounding treatment area to neutralize the heat in surrounding tissue. This method allows for the laser to be used with the appropriate power and heat in order to be effective, while improving comfort levels during the sessions.

The Lumenis LightSheer laser is a suitable system to use for a wide range of skin complexions from fair to dark, however, the 810-nanometer wavelength provides optimal results for those with light to medium skin complexion and darker shades of hair.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we are also happy to offer our patients the choice of a second laser hair removal system provided by Fotona. This system is a high-performance Nd:YAG laser system with advanced FRAC3 technology that has seriously raised the bar for efficiency for safe hair reduction. The Nd:YAG laser specifically targets hair follicles with selective and homogenous photothermolysis, which is the term for matching specific wavelengths of light to heat the tissue and destroy it.

The incorporation of FRAC3 technology helps to target the treatment area without affecting the surrounding skin. The Fotona laser system uses longer wavelengths that increase its capability to tackle hairs deep within the skin and can deliver more laser energy to a hair follicle with each repeated application, compared to the conventional lasers. As a result of this improved penetration with the Fotona system, it can uniformly cover larger areas in a more efficient manner for long-term elimination of hair.

Unlike other systems, the Fotona laser system that we use is also able to safely treat all skin types for hair removal.

If you are interested in receiving laser hair removal, we welcome you to visit and discuss how each of our systems may benefit you.

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