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Things To Avoid Before Going In For Your Laser Hair Removal

It can be exciting to finally plan your laser hair removal treatment and look forward to smooth, hair-free skin. Here at Philosophy of Beauty, we want to help you make the most out of this experience. In order to have the best results from your treatment, there are some things that you should be aware of and must avoid during your laser hair removal treatment.

Many people like to have a year-round glow and use self-tanner for sun-kissed skin, however, it is recommended that you wait four weeks after a self-tanner application before beginning laser hair removal. With tanning product on your skin, there is an increase risk of unwanted side effects such as blisters or burns because the darkened skin surface makes it more difficult for the laser to selectively target your hair follicles. Depending on the colour of your hairs, dark skin colour may compete with your follicles for the absorption of the laser beam and potentially compromises the results of the treatment.

Likewise, we recommend that our laser hair removal clients avoid general sun exposure for seven to ten days before and after their sessions. This is to help minimize the risk for side effects because tanned skin is more prone to complications and ineffective laser treatment.

Antibiotics should be avoided for the duration of your laser hair removal treatment because they have a tendency to increase your photosensitivity, which is inflammation of the skin caused by light due to certain medications. The skin becomes easily irritated by heat and can lead to the formation of blisters, rashes, fever, fatigue and so on. You should always consult a physician for your medical needs, especially if you are currently taking long-term antibiotics and wish to receive laser hair removal treatments. If you fall ill during the treatment regimen, you should speak with a medical professional and plan your next LHR session at least 7 days after discontinuing the medication.

Before making any changes for your medical and personal needs, you should speak with a physician. However, we do generally recommend our clients to avoid large amounts of vitamin E and supplements that cause blood thinning or promote hair growth.

A rule of thumb that we advise is to limit the number of products applied to the skin within the first 24-48 hours. We want to help your skin recover from the laser treatment and full-coverage make-up can interfere with the process. If you prefer to wear make-up, our team at Philosophy of Beauty can accommodate appointments later in the day so your skin can recover overnight.

When cleansing, we suggest using tepid water with a fragrance-free cleanser and clean towel. It is best to avoid scrubs or exfoliators while your skin heals and applying a layer of aloe vera gel can help reduce any redness that occurs.

It is essential that deodorant is avoided prior to a laser hair removal session that targets the underarm. Some can leave residue, which deflects the laser and reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. After the session, you may apply deodorant after 24 hours.

We will accommodate rescheduling for you without any trouble because the laser heat can excite the glands and worsen breakouts. The purpose of laser hair removal is to improve your skin’s appearance, we would not want it to be counterproductive by introducing more acne!

Although there is no contraindication for treatment during menstruation, you may have elevated sensitivity to pain and feel uncomfortable during this time. We suggest our clients time their appointment scheduling in order to have the most positive experience with laser hair removal as possible.

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