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What You Need To Know About Double Chin Fat Reduction Injections?

Unfortunately, over time, as a result of the natural aging process, many people develop submental fat, commonly referred to as a double chin. In fact, almost 70% of men and women are troubled by the appearance of excess fat or sagging skin in the jawline or neck at some point in their lives. Although a facelift or neck lift can be effective in eliminating submental fat while restoring a more youthful appearance, these surgical procedures involve considerable risk and downtime for recovery that many people wish to avoid. At Philosophy of Beauty, we are proud to offer double chin fat reduction injectables, which eliminate the stubborn pocket of fat under the chin, restoring a contoured chin and jawline, without the need for invasive surgery or scars.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we are pleased to offer Belkyra, a Health Canada approved injectable product that has been proven effective in reducing mild to moderate submental fat, significantly improving the patient’s profile. First, a topical or local anesthetic is administered to the treatment area, in order to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. A dotted grid is then applied to the treatment area, providing a guide for the optimal injection sites and ensuring that they are evenly distributed in the area of treatment. Afterwards, cooling ice packs will be supplied to minimize discomfort and temporary swelling.


Once injected, deoxycholic acid, which is the active ingredient in Belkyra, works to break down and destroy the targeted fat cells. The glycerol and free fatty acids contained within the fat cells are then safely cleansed from the body, reducing the appearance of submental fat. Overtime, after a series of treatments, the double chin can be permanently reduced, because the fat cells that are destroyed cannot return.

Because each patient is unique, the number of treatments required will vary. During your initial consultation at Philosophy of Beauty, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that takes into account your individual needs and goals. In most instances, two to six sessions scheduled at four to six-week intervals are recommended in order to achieve optimal results, however, once you have achieved your desired results, maintenance treatments are not required.

Before being treated with chin fat reduction injectables, patients must be over 18 years of age and have healthy skin and collagen levels. It is important to be aware that these injections are only suitable for individuals who have mild to moderate submental fat; patients with considerable fat accumulation or skin laxity are not good candidates for this treatment. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also ineligible for any type of injectable.

Following the treatment, the affected area may be swollen and in some cases, it may take several days or even weeks for this to resolve. In addition, some clients experience redness or the sensation of heat in the treatment area. Some patients also experience temporary numbness; however this side effect is not common.

If you are troubled by the appearance of a double chin and feel like you have tried everything to eliminate it, you may be a suitable candidate for Belkyra injections. We welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our medical experts and learn more about this exciting, non-surgical treatment option.

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