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*At Philosophy of Beauty, we utilize the latest in skin care products from ZO ® Medical. We know that common skin care products have limited power to transform the complexion. Average skin care products not designed to penetrate and facilitate actual skin cell changes. The lack of positive change can leave clients feeling frustrated. The ZO ® Medical skin care line, such as ZO ® Advanced Medical Facials are customized to create lasting changes through extensively researched, doctor prescribed products and advanced treatment techniques. Because we are skin care experts, our practice, serving Thornhill, Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area, is pleased to provide these advanced facials using only Dr. Zein Obagi, MD formulated ZO ®  Skin Health products. A pioneer in medical grade skin care, Dr. Obagi conceptualized the ZO® Skin Health Circle ™ which offers healthy, effective solutions for each complexion concern.*

ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment

*The ZO® Skin Health products which we are proud to use at Philosophy of Beauty contain powerful DNA repair enzymes, peptides, plant stem cells and potent growth factors. These vitamin and nutrient-rich formulas provide for the deep change and skin enhancement you want. The following suite of ZO® Medical Facials can offer the kick start, boost, healing or revitalization that your complexion craves.*

*It is not uncommon for our skin to require healing and repair after a summer of sun exposure or a vacation away. The ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment is customized to specifically target uneven, sun-damaged and discoloured complexions with a 60-minute facial. Our faces suffer the damaging effects of frequent sun exposure and this can not only lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, but hyperpigmentation caused by the sun will also leave the complexion appearing dull and aged. Microdermabrasion, StimulatorPeel® and an exclusive ZO brightening mask work in harmony to remove excess and uneven pigment, leaving a smooth, even-toned glow and rejuvenated appearance. This treatment is essential for many of us to start fresh as we change seasons.*
Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient. View full disclaimer.

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ZO® Ultimate Regeneration Treatment

*Who doesn’t want an ultimate, all-in- one facial treatment? Dr. Obagi’s luxurious formulas are combined based on your, specific needs and a combination of factors such as sun damage, dehydration and acne. During this 1-hour medical facial, Bio-Hydroderm™ is used with the best ZO products to improve the nature and appearance of your skin. When you can’t decide what your skin needs- don’t worry, this one’s for you.*

ZO® Treatments

1Ossential® Stimulator Peel
*This powerful, 1-hour peel is a rare combination of highly concentrated acids which smooth and regenerate the skin, while remaining gentle. Consequently, the Stimulator Peel requires no downtime, which we think is amazing given its dramatic results. Revealing smooth, healthy skin is this peel’s specialty.*
2ZO® Acne Clarifying Treatment
*Acne remains the most common skin disease and a big problem for our clients of all ages. Acne treatment products which are sold in drugstores can be a source of frustration as they strip the skin’s delicate oil balance and irritate already sensitive skin. In 60 minutes, the ZO® Acne Clarifying Treatment delivers painless extractions, a Sulfur Masque to target bacteria and cooling, skin calming products to soothe inflammation and encourage healing. The ZO® acne treatment is a great way to achieve and maintain clear skin.*
3Therapeutic Back Treatment
*For many of our clients, the back can be a problem area for breakouts as well and due to it’s difficult-to- reach location, regular exfoliation, application of sunscreen and quality skin care products in this area can be difficult. The back can be shown off with confidence when you’ve treated yourself to a relaxing, 1 hour back cleanse, exfoliation and mask using the best of medical grade ZO skin care products.*
4Lunchtime Stimulator Peel
*For those of us who are short on time- the Lunchtime Stimulator Peel is a fast, easy skin changer. During this 20-minute power peel, and thorough exfoliation targets ageing skin, damaged skin cells and uneven skin tone. Return to your daily activities with no downtime. Our clients see visible improvement in just one treatment and make up glides on smooth right after, though you may not need any.*
5Nourishing Oraser® Hand Treatment
*Another fast and easy favorite, at 20 minutes, this caring combination of products and treatment are designed to heal, soften and revitalize the look of your hands. Our hands work hard and just like the face, they are often exposed to damaging sunlight as well as harsh cleansers and products. The specially fomulated ZO Oraser® combines with Microderm Hand Renewal and a deep massage in this all-in- one hand fix. Your hands will thank you for the Nourishing Oraser® Hand Treatment to soften, hydrate and even skin tone.*

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The ZO® Skin Health Controlled Depth Peel/Blue Peel

*This peel allows the practitioner to customise the strength of the TCA to individual needs, and to correct specific skin conditions, according to a standardised guideline. In this way, the practitioner can predict the outcome and success of the procedure to correct specific skin defects or to obtain a specific desired transformation. This procedure works to remove the thin layers of damaged surface skin. The treatment takes about 40 minutes to execute, depending on the number of coats of active peel solution to be applied to determine the necessary planned outcome. With a healing time of 7-11 days, the ZO Controlled Depth Peel treatment offers a safe method of achieving radical skin restoration results, with comparable recovery time equal to alternative deep ablative and non-ablative laser treatments.*

*And the Results? A skin rejuvenated, younger looking, displaying a radiance and glow with a soft and smooth touch and feel and of course a skin that is tighter and firmer. Generally, ZO Medical facials can be booked once per month, but we will be happy to discuss your individual skin care concerns and needs when you come to see us for a complimentary skin care consultation. You will be impressed with the new and improved complexion that ZO facials can offer you. Minimized pores, reduced wrinkles and smooth, even, glowing skin await you.*
*We are one of the few medical aesthetic clinics in Vaughan, Toronto and the GTA who offer the full line of ZO Skin Health Products. Our knowledgeable staff provide personalized skin care recommendations and product advice for each client so that they can maintain their ongoing skin improvements at home.*

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