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Comparing Dermal Fillers and Botox

At a glance, dermal fillers and Botox would seem to be the same. After all, the two are both are administered via tiny needle injections. Likewise, both are used to solve aging skin problems like wrinkles and laugh lines. But what sets one apart from the other? Which one is better for which specific skin problem? Here is a rundown of their differences:

Botox is the nickname for Botulinum toxin. It is a protein substance that can relax muscles temporarily, especially in areas where there are wrinkles or lines. Botox has also been known to treat excessive sweating. It has been extensively used for a long time now in medical treatments because it is safe to use in minimal amounts.

For Botox injections, Vaughan patients can expect little to no downtime after treatment. It is a procedure one can do on a lunch break. There would be a bit of swelling or slight bruising because of the needle but surely, anyone can just cover them up with a few layers of makeup.

Botox is primarily used to rejuvenate the skin and to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What the Botox does is it relaxes the muscles under a target area like the frown lines in between the eyebrows, for example. These lines (which look like the number 11) can be minimized through Botox. Vaughan patients will be happy to see their frown lines disappear moments after injection.

However, this treatment is not for everybody. Those with medical conditions like damaged nerves or muscle pain complaints should not fail to mention these during initial consultations. This will help both parties avoid potential complications. Pregnant or breastfeeding moms are not allowed to get Botox injections as well. There are no solid basis on whether Botox would be harmful to them, but it is best not to risk the mother’s or the baby’s life.

Dermal fillers are substances similar to what are naturally produced by the body. With aging comes the drying of skin due to lack of natural hydration, thinning, loss of elasticity due to lack of collagen. The body becomes less capable of fixing itself up. The natural Hyaluronic Acid that a young body has diminishes in amount as one gets older. This leaves the skin unsupported, thus producing lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers in Vaughan can help lift and smoothen the skin folds, lines, and wrinkles. Injecting them just beneath the skin will aid in adding volume to the face and improve a person’s appearance for a younger, fresher look.

Vaughan dermal fillers, like Botox, involve tiny needle injection. The patient may experience minimal feelings of discomfort but the procedure would not take very long (around 30 to 45 minutes). The results are obvious immediately and these could last up to 24 months in special cases. Those looking to restore volume in their faces (like athletes who live active lifestyles) can benefit from this treatment.

For dermal fillers Vaughan patients, expect a little bit of bruising and swelling as well. As with Botox treatment, there could be skin redness that can be easily masked with some layers of makeup.

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