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Possible Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal has risen in popularity due to its effectiveness and ease of use for body hair removal. What could be better than a non-invasive laser that leaves skin smooth and soft- eliminating the need for shaving and waxing. It produces impressive and long-term results for most areas of the body, including the face, chin, arms, legs etc. There is minimal risk associated with the procedure, especially when done correctly by qualified technicians, however, some patients can experience side effects. Luckily, most of these are mild and quite temporary.

At Philosophy of Beauty, we use the Lightsheer Diode laser, developed by Lumenis, and unmatched by laser competitors, and the powerful Fotona laser system. Using a laser for the purpose of removing unwanted hair requires directing carefully targeted heat to the melanin in hairs and the base of the follicle. This advanced technology is designed to affect only the intended melanin and leave surrounding skin completely unharmed, however, in rare cases, some patients experience blistering or burns. Skin burns are more frequent in those with darker skin because they absorb the laser more readily, however, scheduling treatment with a well-trained and experienced laser hair removal provider can help minimize the chances of burning.

Lasers have the potential to cause pigmentation changes to the skin after a treatment session. Some patients experience hyperpigmentation, which is the darkening of skin after laser hair removal. Others may experience hypopigmentation, which is the lightening of the skin.

With the use of any laser, it is possible to damage eyesight during a treatment session if the target area is close to, or around the face. This can be prevented with the use of protective eye equipment during the process and skilled practitioners can reliably avoid these issues.

For some, laser treatment can lead to the formation of a scab or the appearance of crusts near the treated area, with the presence of a mild bruise. Though troubling, minor blemishes will typically last only a couple of days.

Another common side effect can be an itching sensation felt during or after the laser treatment. This is very normal as sensitive skin responds to stimulation. Some patients may also note minor redness or swelling around the treatment area. These effects are also known to resolve quickly.

Other normal effects that can be expected for patients undergoing laser hair removal are skin sensitivity, tingling and numbness around the treatment area.

There are also a few rare side effects of laser hair removal that have been reported but are seen only very infrequently. A small number of people have experienced skin discolouration resulting from treatment of skin that is tanned. We recommend that all of our patients avoid UV exposure and tanning before and throughout treatment to minimize certain risks. Some people have also reported infection as a significant side effect. Although there is no open wound associated with laser hair removal, the treated area should be kept clean after the procedure to avoid any complications from infection.

Most after effects related to laser hair removal are not severe and are short-lived, but it is crucial to find a professional medical aesthetic clinic capable of delivering the most advanced laser hair removal treatments in a safe manner. At Philosophy of Beauty, our medical staff is very well-trained and knowledgeable about effective and safe laser hair removal. If you are interested in receiving laser treatments to eliminate unwanted body hair, please visit us for a complimentary consultation. We will listen to your concerns and discuss your best options for beautiful results.

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