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What Is PRP For Hair Treatment

The human body naturally contains both plasma and platelets. Plasma refers to the liquid component of blood, while platelets are crucial cells that aid in healing throughout the body. Although platelets are widely recognized for their role in clotting, they also contain growth factors that can stimulate cell growth. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is essentially plasma with elevated levels of platelets.

Currently, PRP treatments are being utilized in aesthetic, medical, and hair loss procedures. Patients with moderate to severe injuries in tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints can benefit from this treatment. Additionally, cosmetic procedures continue to evolve, and PRP injections can reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots, as well as volumize areas of the face that appear sunken. PRP injections can leave the face feeling soft, smooth, and radiant. PRP is also a viable option for hair thinning and hair loss.

The process of drawing blood for PRP is both efficient and easy. During this procedure, a minimal amount of blood is drawn from the client and placed in a device to separate platelets from the rest of the blood’s cells. This results in a blood sample highly concentrated in platelets. Once the PRP is ready, it is injected into the scalp using a fine needle or special gun to stimulate hair growth.

This treatment can be finalized in 60 minutes and requires no downtime. Because the treatment does not require sedation, you can resume your normal daily routine right away. You may even return to work right after your treatment, though the injected area may be momentarily reddened and swollen.

It may take 4-6 months to see the final results of the procedure. For the best results, it is recommended that you undergo a series of multiple PRP treatments, scheduled at about 3 to 4 weeks apart. The number of treatments varies, depending on your aesthetic goals.

Despite the fact that blood and needles are not appealing to many people, it’s reassuring to know that PRP treatments have been proven to be both safe and effective. Studies have indicated that PRP treatments are a safe and practical treatment for restoring hair growth. The use of PRP does not involve the injection of foreign substances into the body, which eliminates the risk of immune system rejection. This all-natural process allows for the gradual regrowth of one’s own hair.

Furthermore, PRP treatments can be safely combined with other hair loss therapies. If a patient is apprehensive about undergoing surgery for hair loss, they may opt to combine PRP with other treatments such as Minoxidil or DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers. Additionally, PRP injections can be used after hair transplant surgery to promote the growth of newly implanted hair follicles.

PRP is suitable for people who want a different alternative to other hair loss treatments. Ideal candidates for PRP injections are people who do not smoke, have no drug or alcohol abuse, and have a good medical history. Patients diagnosed with any of the following conditions may not be the right candidates: 

  • Platelet dysfunction syndromes 
  • Acute and chronic infections
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Any blood disorders 

If you are curious about platelet-rich plasma injections for hair rejuvenation, consider Philosophy Of Beauty. Philosophy Of Beauty is conveniently located in North York and serving Vaughan, Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area, offers a range of treatments for the face and body to enhance your confidence. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please give us a call at 905-669-0306 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and providing you with exceptional care.

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